Read me! How to report a bug

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Hey there, please review this post before submitting bug reports!

First things first...

  1. Check if a similar issue was previously reported
  2. Upvote or comment on other posts to let us know that you've experienced the same issue
  3. Submit bugs individually to keep discussions on topic

If you don't see any existing reports about a bug you're experiencing, feel free to create your own report!

How to write a bug report

Summarize the issue

Your bug report title should be specific and clearly describes the problem.

Describe the issue

A good bug report will tell us both what the bug is and how it occurred. Be sure to provide specific details like device information or the OS version to help our team understand which users are at risk.

Add visual information

Attach screenshots or videos that will help us reproduce the issue and provide context to your bug report.

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