Niantic Social...

So, Niantic Social beta has come to ingress. My first 2 concerns (as this is just a beta)

There appears to be nothing stopping people who have too much time on their hands from creating a vicious group to wind up the other faction.

Example below, this can be made as a public group, and as long as you pass the profanity filter anything goes

My second concern, there is no option to turn off the push notifications from niantic Social? It appears as a push notification the same as if your portal is under attack. Do we now have to mute notifications from the game and miss attack notifications?

Third thing, I have selected (only me) in my visibility, however other agents are able to find me from my contacts, I had assumed selecting only me would mean no one could find me.

I await replies to these questions and welcome any additions from other agents.

All the best




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