Niantic Social Begins Open Beta



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    Just leave the group the notifications are coming from. In addition, you can mute all notifications from Niantic Social through its settings.

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    Yeah, but the UX is terrible. I’ve found the option, but damn.

  • I left the community, and turned off all notifications cuz it was blowing up my phone with non relevant messages. Ugh. There has to be a way to get notifications when a portal is under attack but not all the BS community stuff that doesn’t apply to me.

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    Hello. It says my in-game Niantic id is already taken. This is the same Id across all Niantic games and linked to my Google account. I reserved it years ago when you asked if you wanted to reserve name for all Niantic games. Is this expected?

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    someone also took my name. i am not making a new one just for this as i would not be known by a different name.

    If this has happened to others, make sure you know who you are chatting with. If you think you are chatting with me, you probably are not.

  • @wiredforsound We'll be adding referral links on 12/22 which you can share in your Discord, Telegram, etc. groups for easy access and joining!

    @timecop1818 As @InvestigateXM mentioned, you can turn off all notifications, disable message requests, and hide all game profiles. This will effectively make it so nobody outside of your friends can contact or interact with you. Please check out our support articles for walkthroughs:

    @Pikel We will be providing a way to edit your Niantic ID in the future.

    @sovamong We have flagged invalid usernames and are actively working to figure out the best resolution to this so please stay tuned!

  • My first 3 cents, I might find more cents later:

    * Social needs a pin message function

    * map in Social needs to open where last viewed, not current location

    * When turning off HarryPotter visibility, it keeps turning back on. Would prefer to just remove HP completely.

  • No, I just want my account to be reset to the state as if I never clicked the dreaded button. For sure this is possible.

  • I want to permanently leave the beta, as it's not for me and having seen the attempt, I'm not interested in testing. An account reset back to the state where I haven't agreed to any of the several AUPs would be ideal.

  • Communities: is there an option to transfer ownership of a community?

    While trying to make someone administrator this message appeared

  • @NianticOfficial Thanks.

    For the time being I have a friend's names and they have mine. I chose to do this as other posts indicated that my account name could be taken by another user, which would have been a new problem.

    Somehow.. I think this feature should be completed soon as there are many users will have this issue if anyone can select another name different from their ingress/other Niantic game name.

    New users joining Niantic social may have difficulty selecting a name if they're in multiple games and have different names in each game. I understand the challenge here because you can't simply populate the name from one of the games into Niantic Social when they join.

    There really isn't a graceful solution for this problem. 🤔

    One option would be to concatenate user accounts with the game name its populated from.

    Ingress_Pikel or Pokemon_Ingress

  • Trying to login with my Niantic ID that was confirmed earlier by Niantic during the early reservation phase.

    Unfortunately i get "Invalid username" in RED letters when trying to login.

    Anyone that have a clue then what wrong?

    Niantic ID is confirmed to be "vanuda" related to my GMAIL address that i used to to get a BETA access to Ingress December 2012.

    Is there any support available for Niantic ID yet? ( last time i tried to get this resolved it bounced completely in the forum and the ticket was just closed ) -- I think i have an idea whats wrong..

  • What i think is my issue is like the below.

    Ingress initial account - registered with GMAIL address like [email protected]

    When registering the PoGo account i tried to reuse the Ingress Agent ID but failed.

    I suspect this is registered at NIA as [email protected]

    For NIA this looks as 2 different GMAIL accounts even if they actually refer to the same.

    For registring the Niantec ID i got 2 different emails, both ending up in my GMAIL box.

    One towards john.doe ( ingress agent id ) and one towards johndoe. ( PoGo/HPWU ID )

    Note that i always have used the [email protected] mail format towards NIA.. Never ever the [email protected] format.

  • @misterioso71 Yes! You can go to your community members list and you'll see the option when you click on a member:

  • GorillaSapiensGorillaSapiens ✭✭✭✭✭

    yet ANOTHER new feature nobody asked for.

    you want to retain users?

    we've been complaining for YEARS about color contrast (see also WCAG guidelines). give us a game we can actually see and play under real world conditions.

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  • Why do i keep getting this message every time i try to access niantic social

  • I tried to use it but it’s really slow. I’m on iphone.

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    @Juuuuuice It's been a couple of weeks now. Is there an ETA on a resolution to this problem?

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    Bug report: (cannot get rid of) duplicate friend requests.

    A few days ago, an agent that passes through my town from time to time sent me a friend request. He sent it late in the evening, after I had gone to bed, and then, because I had not responded, he sent it again the following morning before I woke up.

    I accepted the “first” friend request, but clicking “accept” on the second does nothing, and I am unwilling to click “decline”, because I fear that it might undo the acceptance of the first and remove the connection.

    Obviously the core bug is that NS should not allow the same request to be sent twice, not that the recipient has to choose which of two identical requests to accept, but the fact that I get two requests and the second does not disappear once the first has been accepted is also a (slightly different) bug in its own right.

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    Is there a handbook for Niantic Social?

    I have a number of questions.

    The first two are:

    1) I have created a few communities in the places in which I regularly play. I have named them “Ingress Resistance placename”, so it should be pretty obvious as to the expected membership. However, I have made them public, since I don’t know whether or not making a community private means that membership has to be requested (the ideal situation), or if it it actually becomes invisible on the map (which would not be what I want).

    2) Next to “Communities” and “Events” there is a head and shoulders silhouette with a zero next to it. And it always has a zero next to it.

    I am assuming that when one of my connections is active on the map, this should count how many of my connections are currently active within the map area, and that I should be able to see where they are. However, I can’t, even when lots of notifications are coming in in Ingress that they are capturing portals and creating links and fields in a particular area.

    Am I misunderstanding the function of this feature or is it just not working?

    I have 18 connections, but have never once seen them active on the map.

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  • “Bug” report: if a conversation with a new contact already exists, NS should simply switch to the conversation instead of asking “Start a conversation with username”.

    I just got a new “friend”, with whom I had already been messaging, prior to establishing the connection. Under “Notifications”, where it says “playername accepted your invite. You can now chat with playername”, when you click on that notification, instead of asking you if you want to start a conversation with that player, if a chat already exists with that player, then NS should simply take you to it.

  • ”Notification Settings” also needs “Notify me when someone joins one of my communities” and “Notify me when someone leaves one of my communities”.

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    @Juuuuuice It's nearing a month now. Do we have any updates on this issue?

  • I'm using the chat features to talk to agents by can't find certain settings.

    1) How do I create a community? There are four in my city and I can click to join them but I can't find an option to create.

    Note: Would be helpful to know what type of community one is - I have no desire to join a poké community :P

    1a) Further to someone's post above, are only public communities visible to others?

    2} Your post says once you've completed onboarding you get a referral link. I don't particularly remember doing onboarding and I certainly don't know how to see that link.


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