Niantic Social Begins Open Beta

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In our last post, we announced that Niantic Social was in Closed Beta and would be rolling out to more Agents in the coming months. Today, we’re excited to announce that Niantic Social is in Open Beta, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on all of the new features!

Niantic Social: Home for Your Friends and Communities Across Games

Niantic Social is an opt-in feature that enables you to communicate and coordinate real-world gameplay, manage your Niantic Profile and Niantic Friends list, and engage with communities around you, all from directly within Ingress. 


Starting today, we are providing access to Niantic Social for all C.O.R.E. Agents around the world. Once you have access to Niantic Social, you will be able to invite other Agents directly from Ingress via COMM, Agent Profiles, or (coming soon) your referral link. The best way to get access to Niantic Social is by asking a friendly Agent who already has access. 

To learn more about how to grant access to Niantic Social, please visit .

Get Started with Niantic Social

Our Open Beta includes the following features to help you connect with other Ingress Agents and Niantic gamers:

  • Private conversations with Direct and Group Messages: Messaging on Niantic Social is the most direct and secure way to communicate with other Agents. No more hoops, hurdles, and URLs from strangers: whether you’re recruiting an Agent that has just captured their first Portal or want to message an ally Agent in the field, Niantic Social is the best way to start chatting. Niantic Social also includes a Profile where you can verify Niantic IDs and game accounts, so you always know exactly who you’re talking to.
  • Easily organize meetups: Use the Events feature to coordinate group meetups for Ops, First Saturdays, Anomalies, Field Art, and more! The real-time location sharing feature has also been improved, making it easier than ever to coordinate and keep track of other Agents during these meetups. 
  • Finding new Agents and Communities near you: Public communities can be created (and joined) by anyone that has access to Niantic Social. While private communities are great for classified faction discussions such as Ops and strategy, public communities are a place for Agents to connect, socialize, and discuss all things Ingress.
  • Ingress Official Community Code: whnepURT

We look forward to seeing the different ways you use Niantic Social, and we’ll be keeping a close eye in this forum space and in the Ingress Official Community for your feedback. For more information and how-to guides to get started with Niantic Social, please visit



Coming Soon on Dec. 22, 2021: Referral Links 

Once you finish the first-time onboarding, you will be presented with a referral link that you can share with other Agents. Please note that this referral link requires that Agents and new recruits have Ingress downloaded on their phone. 

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