Triangle playground

Left and right are two different operations using the same 12 portals.

These are 4 (assumingly) equilateral triangles slightly shifted around one center and that was the starting point - to find some order in the portal apparent randomness.

The left one 

was 'easy' - most of the spent time was on intel planning to find the dots and how to connect them for the best view. There are quite some options but this one is not bad, kind of hypnotic, especially the link+field view (bottom left). Layers are overlapping nicely. And when switching to fields view only (top left) i started thinking about inverted layering - so

The right one.

It was made with 4 null fields on the 4 triangles first and then filling the gaps hcf style - 6x hcf level 3 for the outer one, level 2 for the next, level 1 for the inner and the smallest in the center was left left like it is - a null field.

And it was not easy to pull off - adding extra 30 portals and over 120 links in play, flipping for nullfields, strict order of links, distractions, errors, more viruses, rebuild, but first get some more keys, back and forth, took me some hours over several days. 

A nice excuse to go out, a challenge to follow, besides the regular ap, mu, badge hunt or whatever.


Thanks to @Riosor for keeping his fan field (partially visible on the left) out of the playground so i ended just flipping his main anchor. 

Thanks to @Borolud for adding some SBULs on portals that i needed to link out over the 8 limit but filled with other mods 😶

other views:

and if you like to check it on your intel setup, it is still up here:,27.831609&z=15


Now to find some squares for the next challenge 😁



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