[Change Request] Problem when more than one community is on the exact same location

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For example, if two communities are on the exact same location, only one of them could be shown on the map and other one could never been accessible from users. This situation would easily happen because community location would be suggested using text search. For example, If I input "Tokyo" for location search input, the location of Tokyo station would be suggested. It can be easily imaged that people want to make Tokyo community would choose this same location because other communities are not shown on the map while creating community process.

Let me suggest two different approaches for this problem. I personally prefer the second one.

1. Implement a way to select one community if more than one community is on the same location.

2. Let a community occupy the location (no other community could be created there if a community has already been there)

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  • I noticed that I could choose by swiping community card carousel to the right or left.

    But It doesn't seem to be straightforward.

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