Portal time of decay changes with ada/jarvis

The time of decay for a portal is the time of capture. (Good to know, daylight saving time changes are ignored, so be careful around these times if the time is important. The decay time is staying the same UTC±00:00.)

I recently noticed that — as an enl — using an ada on a portal changes the decay time to the time of the switch.

But I recently switch back the same portal using a jarvis, and the decay time has stayed the one from the ada.

As switch card are a bit costly to do experiments, I would like to know if others players have some intel to share about it.

I have currently some hypothesis:

  • switching a portal to the opposite faction changes the decay time, not switching an opposite portal to your faction
  • only ada•s are changing the decay time
  • itʼs something else
  • itʼs a trap bug

So old or new rule? Bug or feature? How does it work?

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  • So, it's strange.

    2 portals were switched to blue by an ada around 21:00.

    I switched them back green some days later using jarvis around 20:00.

    That same evening, they decayed at the same time they were previously ada•ed, but the next day, they decay at the time of the jarvis of the day before.

    So :

    • switch cards do change decay time
    • that decay time change can be delayed

    @Billeas if you don't know thing like reading the raw data of portals to check useful informations, I don't think your comments are worthwhile 🎤⬇️ (hint: there is a plugin for this).

  • I noticed the same behaviour, but since I am RES i noticed only decay of ADA on portal.

    This is definitely a change in behaviour, IDK if it i intended, but so far decay of portal was always capture time UTC (even if portal was ADA/Jarvis influenced).

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