Quick Update: Niantic Chat is now Niantic Social

Hi Agents,

We have two quick updates to share ahead of our next release on Monday, 12/13:

  1. Niantic Chat will be renamed to Niantic Social
  2. Niantic Social will be unavailable for scheduled maintenance and updates starting tomorrow at 9am PST until Monday, 12/13, at 10am PST. We know many of you have already seen the upcoming referral feature, and we’re super excited for some major features that will make it easier than ever to find, chat, and invite friends to Niantic Social.

Please keep an eye out for our release announcement on 12/13!



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  • Thanks for the update!

    In regard to the invite function, if the intention is to allow users to invite others to use Niantic Social then this will effectively become a public release with the down side of that being out of the hands of Niantic.

    Could we get some information on this feature specifically to provide some feedback before it goes live please?

  • Some agents are interested in Niantic Social outside Ingress. Is the option available to access Social in PGo, Transformers, Pikmin, etc.?

  • @ATR0P0S @Bumpfuzzies I've just made a new announcement and added more details with support articles!

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