[Suggestion]Would you like to extend the handling period of the persistence bundle?

edited November 2021 in General

Currently,Free Persistence Bundle and the 2021 NL-1331 Digital Kit are available in the store to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Ingress.

However, a small number of agents have been having trouble connecting to the store for about two weeks now.




There have been multiple postings that the problem has occurred.

I have not seen any reports of it being resolved.

These agents are still missing out on the chance to get the Persistence Bundle and the 2021 NL-1331 Digital Kit.

So here's a suggestion,

why don't we extend the time period for getting the limited kits until the problem of not being able to connect to the store is resolved?

Please consider this so that our 9th anniversary celebration will not be a sad memory.

I want to celebrate the 9th anniversary with many agents.

Thank you.


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