My 6th Key locker was missing minutes ago

Dear NIA,

I was trying to move keys into my 6th key locker and suddenly I cannot do anything. I quit the game and re launch it and the 6th key locker was missing, along with the keys inside of the capsule....

This key locker was the one I sent a request to the forum to delete before and re purchased from the store. Please have a look on this issue and solve it ASAP coz the keys (which i cannot remember) are very important.

codename: DyingPhantom


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  • Hi @DyingPhantom - I do not see your key locker deletion request in the form that was available for that so it wouldn't be deleted from that. Please submit a ticket via in-app Support (do not use report a bug) so we can look into this for you.

  • InerasIneras ✭✭✭
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    I am experiencing the same problem and submitted a ticket via the scanner.

    Resolved! Thank you very much for taking care of this issue.

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  • I also have the same problem right now.

  • @BierLaden What problem are you having? A missing key locker? Can I get some more specifics?

  • I was just trying to charge keys by taking them out of a locker. First it would not let me charge them saying I didn't have the key... Then the whole grey key locker disappeared with all the keys inside. I've tried deleting cache.. restarting... The whole key locker is gone??? Can I please get it back. berlybot

  • I have that issue too from time to time. After a few minutes the key locker + the keys are back. Normally I clear the cache when this occurs - I'm not sure if that does anything.

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