Drone lost position

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Drone. Selected portal in Screen. Choosed another portal. Confirmed and got an error ‘to far away'. Tried again. Choosed the previous selected portal. 

Game aborted. After restart the Drone was at m local Position.

That' s Not funny, because i' m in a long distance tour an the Error occured After about 45 km of the planned route with more than 80 km.

The drone was at "Förderwagen“ 51.48946, 7.05059 when the error occured. Please recover position and distance

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  • Hi @unbelievableoo7 - if you feel this is an error, please submit a ticket via in-app support so it can be investigated however it sounds as though your Drone was returned to you because it was on a Portal that was neutralized which is working as intended and not a bug; with regards to the messaging, it's possible the Portal was neutralized and your Drone returned at the same time as you were trying to move it?

  • The messaging will happen as described even if you come to the drone several hours after it was returned - as long as you remained in the "DRONE FOOTAGE" screen.

    The way the scanner caches the drone information has 2 odd effects that I know of:

    1. If you do not realize your drone has been returned, you try and move it and are surprised by the too far warning as happened to the OP
    2. if you turn off your phone screen before the drone move animation has completed, when you turn it back on an hour later, the animation completes and then the on screen jump timer starts. The scanner drone jump timer and the server drone jump timer do not match - the scanner refuses to let you make another jump even though the jump interval has passed. Leave the DRONE FOOTAGE screen and then return to it - the app gets the timer info from the server, and then you are able to make the next jump.

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