Ban Reversed - Still Can't Hack or Deploy

Hello, just looking for additional guidance from the community as Niantic has been able to fix my issue.

Maybe someone will know what I need to say to them to get this resolved.

I was banned in May 2019 for using a beta version of Android Q. I waited for Niantic to fix their mistake and then got over it. A few months ago, after two years I submitted an appeal and my ban was reversed.

I'm able to sign into my account and see portals again but I'm unable to hack portals, see comms, and when I try to deploy resonators I get an "action error".

I've contacted support numerous times and mostly get a form response saying the error has been fixed and to uninstall and reinstall but the issues persist. .

Recently my company issued me a brand new ipad which I've tried using and I still get the same action errors when deploying on the new ipad.

This is my last ditch effort before I leave this game forever so any and all help will be appreciated.



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