[Video] Ingress Year 9 Reflections | Rough Translations

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Awesome video. And thanks for the code!


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    By popular demand, here is a rough translation:


    "One of my best experiences in Ingress was when I had my first Anomaly in 2018 in Mexico City. My team helped me to understand what to do. We walked in the mountains, and we ran a lot. We captured many portals and destroyed others. The most important experience that I know was that Agents from around the world - such as from Peru, Chile, and Brasil, Colombia, and Mexico - and other parts of the world, all came here. It's incredible that so many different people kept in contact with each other and now consider each other friends."


    "Hello, folks! I'm Niantic Tintino, from the Wayfarer team, and I'd like announce a Happy 9th Anniversary. About the Ingress experience, thank you for everything. My favorite Ingress event was when I saw NianticThia at my first Ingress event in San Francisco. All day, there were people playing, and I got so many game tips. I met many people, and hopefully I'll see them again. See you later, and Happy Explorations! Bye!"

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    Was hoping to see Ofer2 there :c

    P.S. 9:42 cringe

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