Help me to ban/no ban players.

Hello everyone, I need another point of view from Ingress players.

I live in Buenos Aires DF, and we got a zoo who is closed permanently. Got +20 unique portals, but for some reason always the opposite faction capture them, even if is now a private propety and you cant enter. I make some questions and one agent "works" there (im not tilting anyone until i get real evidence) and apparently make favours to theyre friends and let them capture those portals.

I got names, plenty of them, but in this case i dont know how to proceed. The fact is that an area who you cant access in public is an advantage to one faction (farm, links, uniques hacks).

I will upload pictures if get responses, is my first time making this kind of thing, but im kinda tired of it.

Sorry bad grammar and thank you.


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    Unfortunately it is a bad situation. If access to the zoo, even if private, is granted to several families, the portals are still valid.

    If access is only possible for one faction and they do not use illicit means, such as violation of private property or use of apps to falsify the position, you will have to find other solutions to block them.

    If I remember correctly, there is indeed a rule in the TOS that condemns those who commit unlawful acts, like violating private property, with the ban, but I have not understood if this is the case.

    Ban is very difficult to obtain: we have a lot of players who enter closed parks at night (like Boboli in Florence, for example) and fly through the rivers and they aren't banned.

  • ArtilectZedArtilectZed ✭✭✭✭✭

    Take up paramotoring

  • Chopper rental is kinda expensive and have to leave city for that hehe. The fact is that one agent, apparentrly, works there. But the issue is that a private company works there, and you cant enter, even with permissions if you dont work there. And we are dealing with one agent that is capturing every single portal in town. But for now, until we dont get enough hard evidence, we cant make a demand to Niantic. Thanks for commenting.

  • ViolaRoseViolaRose ✭✭✭

    Complain to the property owners that their employees are playing video games on the job. Suggest they can get the portals removed.

  • i also think the suggestion is petty. it sounds like a challenging situation but i can think of a dozen similar. it will just require you to up your game play. i know how frustrating it is, we have a portal inside a dam and an employee has access from their desk. it is a historical marker and the dam offers tours in the summer, the portal is legit. even though it is hard to play against it is "challenging, not cheating" If the game was easy everyone would play.😎Good luck and Happy hunting.

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    When u meet players, they always say: GPS drifted !! its obvious cheating but u can't prove it

  • @3abkarinov Which is also true. GPS does drift often, especially if you're inside a building or underground.

  • 3abkarinov3abkarinov ✭✭✭

    @SouLPrison3r it only drift inside in-accessible portals when they are spoofing :)

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    This in my opinion is something that should not be done. Its a slippery down **** towards negative cross faction relations if anyone starts to bring in real world consequences into a digital game. Even if you can't stand the other faction for some reason, it doesn't mean you have to be mean (I have seen people act very rude just because someone else is the opposite faction).

    The only thing you can do is try to verify that the portals are valid. If the pointa of interest do exist in real life and are correctly located where the portals are then there is nothing you can do. This is what makes Ingress a unique and challenging game.

    If the points of interests are not correctly located then you can submit a portal edit.

    If the points of interest do not exist then you can submit for a portal removal.

    You will have to figure out how to verify the portals. Since this location has restrictive access it will not be easy, but since one person is able to access them then these portals should be considered valid.

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    @ViolaRose Seriously? I would never tell on a fellow Ingress player, ENL or RES, or even complete stranger. Primairily a stranger's work ethic is none of your business. You also have no idea about the content and circumstances of their job which could allow for some Ingressing. Or just breaks, everybody has lunch breaks.

    @SrGillespie You can always ask for a meetup to "shake hands" if you see them play, unless you've already burned that bridge by saying nasty things. Alternatively you could also ask for a picture from the scene. That's done pretty regularly to "prove" legitimate play on hard to reach portals, even though I personally think it's absurd that that's a thing.

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    This is where we disagree; this isn't purely a digital game. You must interact with the real world, and all of it's rules, in order to interact with the game world. And I strongly disagree with you and @Kevinsky86 on the merits of holding real life consequences to in-game actions. I remember, quite hilariously, a local RES agent sending me and anther player a comm message that "our actions were being reported to the state police." We made a u-turn in a parking lot in a a park that now has a sign that says closed after dark, but didn't then. All the while firing bursters. We didn't get out of the car, we kept moving, the parking lot does not have the same sign. Was this right? No of course not. And no actual police were called in reality.

    I have also heard of several instances of private land owners requesting portals be removed that aren't on their property but are in close proximity. But they did not like all the action this portal was getting at all hours of the day. Both in ingress and the pokemon. I've visited semi-remote portals, which are along and accessible at a safe distance that happen to be near someone's private residence. They came out to my car, across and down the road a little, to tell me to leave. Again, all examples of real life consequences for a "purely digital game." I know of several portals on secure government facilities where the general public are not allowed, and agents who do have access to them are VERY careful not to attract attention from their supervisors that these exist, even if they only interact with them on their breaks. Again, real life consequences for a digital game.

    My point is: these land owners may not like the fact that these points of interest exist on their property. It's not wholly a matter that these agents may or may not be playing video games on the clock. That's between them and their employer. But if these portals are located in a privately owned facility or on privately owned land, the land owners have an absolute right to request them be removed from the scanner.

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    I'm just going to make a comment here that some portals are just not worth your time. I would set your personal feelings aside and play the game elsewhere.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    The portal guidelines should be changed. If not all agents are able to access the portal (of course time windows of access are fine, heck even paying for access is ok) the portal should be invalid.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Until they make a BAF with those portals as an anchor, which you then are unable to take down ;)

  • LemoMcLemonFaceLemoMcLemonFace ✭✭✭✭

    I'm unlikely to ever visit the USA, so, remove all portals there?

  • Technically, if the agent works there and has legal access to the portals, it is fine. But I do kinda agree with @Jo0Lz , the Guidelines should be adjusted: I do understand portal with limited access, such as those inside museums, parks, on mountain tops, etc. they are making the game interesting, but still you should be able to get there somehow, upon payment or with effort. If you are the only one who can access it just because you work there, there is no game.

    What I have done in these cases, was putting the most innocent and naive appearence on, I went to the security and told them that I needed to sneak in for a second because I was playing Pogo, it worked a couple of times XD

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