Discovered portals aren't counting towards upv

I've noticed some recent portals I've discovered haven't counted as portals that I've visited like they normally do. Probably another LightShip kink right?

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    There are many, many reports of this happening alongside the "Portals Discovered" not updating. Good to list as a separate bug. Trying to decide if i should double post. I will put future proof collages on this thread.

  • Here is my latest collage.

    Email shows Wayspot accepted. Unique portals visited shows 1961. Visted live portal which the indicator shows has been visited, but not captured. I captured the portal, and THEN my Unique Portals Visited count went up by 1. Portals Discovered count remains at 162 but I have given up on ever getting credit for that stat. At least I can visit most of the portals I find and get credit that way....

  • Same missing portal discovered

    Key awarded yesterday portal count

    not ticking up

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