Game Laggg (Latency) ducks so bad that I...

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Game laggg dsucks so bad lately, that I just give up and go home. ie quit playing Ingress.

I was out yesterday attempting to get to level 15 before I went home, but got so frustrated with the lag, standing around waiting while my Apex counts down, waiting to deploy, or hack, up to 3 times during using one Apex boost. It's getting a little bit old.

I ended up saying F it and went home. Laying on the couch last night I tap recharged 200k AP to hit Level 15. First time I've leveled up while laying on the couch. It felt wrong. I should of been out somewhere making triangles. But I was laying on my couch because I was tired of standing around wasting yet another Apex boost waiting for the lag to go the F away so I could deploy a resonator, or a mod or glyph a portal for more keys.

Agents have been complaining about the laggg since summertime. We are tired of it. It took how many months before Nianitc even decided to investigate the issue. Urgh.

Laggg is the reason why I don't even bother to go out and play many days. It's getting cold here. I can deal with the cold, but when you are standing around waiting for the game to actually work, burning through paid gets old. You start thinking about what else you could actually be doing instead. If you weren't standing around waiting for the game to work, you could actually be moving...staying warm, instead of standing still and starting to get cold.

Thinking that each time the game lagggs for the like 2 minutes where you cannot deploy anything or do any functions, while using an Apex, I should just start contacting the in game support and asking for a replacement for my "wasted Apex boost". Especially if I paid money for it. If I did this each time I experienced laggg while playing the game with an Apex, I'd never run out of Apex...and I'm sure I'd annoy the support folks. Would that help gain the traction needed to further escalate the severity of the issue? Would it help the investigation of the issue? Those researching this issue, are they looking at the correct time to see when it started, to see what actually caused the issue? Or are they just looking at the current time?

I'm done rambling and witching about the game laggg...for now...

Is anyone else playing less due to the frequent laggg in game?



  • Thank you for your feedback; I don't have an update other than what I shared last time (12 Nov). I'd like to keep conversations to the main thread so I'm closing this one as it is not new.

    Many folks are OOO for the US holiday this week. I will see if I can get any insights to share next week. They will be posted in the main post.

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