Key locker not allowing items to be added into it.

My new 6th key locker will not allow me to add items into it after emptying it. Trying to add keys fails. No items can be added. Have tried to logout and back in to account. but locker will not allow keys to be added.when picking the locker ( blue duplicate). At one time when I added an item it would switch to the other blue locker and say it was full. Although the 6th locker shows empty.

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  • Also the key total at the bottom of the screen shows zero, but my items total says I am 150 items above the current limit of 2180.. both blue lockers show no keys in them, while one lockers total says it’s filled with 100 items. and all buttons do not respond

  • No contact from niantic. Just noticed both blue lockers have the. Same serial number. One says 100/100. The other shows 0/100. Click on one and it shows you the other.

  • The 6th key locker is useless. I can’t even drop it or delete. Please fix me niantic

  • Sorry for replying late, @Debslover! Please refresh the game data or reinstall the app and check if that helps. Do let me know how it goes.

  • I have deleted and readied the game several times. But no change

  • DebsloverDebslover ✭✭
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    Is there a way for nail tic to go to my account delete the duplicate key locker and add a different key locker?

  • So, the keylocker apparently spreads like covid, I've 3 lockers iam unable to work with, some keys got in, but not I can't pull them out.

    Inventory over max due to that so I can't play.

    Would be nice to have some compensation as core paying agent.

    Niantic, are you gonna bother with us or just grab our money and run as always?!

    Thanks for looking into it, if you need more better developers, please let us know, there's plenty of us who'd do better job than you guys 🙋

  • Deleted cache, data, nothing changed, am still over max unable to play, waiting for my money back.

    Thanks in advance 🙋

  • Your basic trouble **** steps do not work. But strangely I have a work around which only works sometimes, if I empty both blue lockers. Then put in only a few keys 15-20 in to each locker. Then both lockers can have key added to them. But if one locker is maxed to 100. Then the other Locker will not fill up. They seem to randomly lock down. This inconsistency is very frustrating.

  • @Debslover can you give me the IDs of the key lockers that are giving you troubles?

    @screach can I get the IDs of the key lockers you are having problems with as well?

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