Drone inaccessible

Following its return by another agent, I can no longer access my drone. Clicking dronenet returns a scanner communication error even after several restarts of the app.

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  • Thanks for reaching out, @zydicious! This could be a temporary issue, please refresh the game data or reinstall the app and check if that helps. Let us know if this continues.

  • I got the drone back later that day but now it seems to have disappeared on me again. After the scanner communication error, I now also lose everything but the map on the UI. Have restarted the app 3x and I guess next I will try reinstalling it.

  • Reinstall got dronenet back running but I shouldn't have to keep doing this. The last time I assume was that the portal the drone was on got neutralized and the temporary 9 minute timer glitched. This time, the portal the drone was on hadn't even been attacked but still had issues.

  • Hi everyone it is a good hour i am trying to get my drone working but it is not.

    Tryed deleting data and cache, tryed uninstall and reinstall, tryed restart of my phone.

    Nothing helps.

    Seems the same issue, but mine never returned.

  • Got back working after uninstall => Phone restart => install

    Don't know if related or not

  • EmeraldSheikEmeraldSheik ✭✭
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    Hi, I'm also getting scanner communication error whenever trying to access the drone. Deleting/reinstalling the app had no effect.

    Update: The issue resolved itself overnight.

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  • Valyok2Valyok2 ✭✭
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    Same bug.. (

    Reinstall not help.

    Is it possible to fix it fast? What I must to do.

    Update: now it works... After 40 minutes inaccessibility.

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