IOS can't read Thai Language.

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Since IOS 13 released on September 19, 2019....

All IOS user cannot read Thai language in Ingress Prime anymore... And It's already 2 years but Niantic seem not care about solving the issue while Android can read and type Thai language as original Ingress. What we can see are square boxes with a question mark inside for every Thai characters. (broken fonts)

I try to report this problem to Niantic since 2019 but this is what Niantic responded.

That's a bad joke but yes, Niantic told me to throw away my current cell phone and buy a new android cell phone just to play Ingress if i want to read Thai language.

Nowaday, I don't know if I play mission and there a question in Thai language, how can I do? I try to contact local Vanguard but she told me that she report to tell Niantic too but Niantic just do nothing.

I tried more to tell Niantic by created a mission banner (18 missions). But all rejected (as I thought) Niantic give me a reasons

  • A lack of a clear and informative description and/or title
  • Mission Image, description, and/or title are unrelated to the Waypoints chosen

I choose "Siam" area because "Siam" mean "Thailand". I just want to tell Niantic that we really cannot read you Niantic seem not care us. (If they approved It will be a limit time mission until Thai language readable on IOS)

I really don't care if this banner pass or not but what i want is to tell Niantic that we still want you to watch this problem.

Can you please.... solve this problem? I love Ingress, I subscripted for C.O.R.E since the first day and I think not just only me did that... even we cannot read Thai language. And I hope Niantic not leave us...

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PS1. I use to post this issue since Nov 2019 located here but nothing happen. After 2 years from that day. Today, I post here again and hope NIANTIC solve this for all of us.

PS2. This problem happen to Pikmin too.

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