[SITREP] Sea to Shining Sea

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Over a few years a fielding plan had been baking and in October 2019 Sea to Shining Sea was finalised, a plan to multi-field to Blenheim Palace from Scarborough and Beaumaris (Anglesey).

Keys were farmed for each of the areas and they were set in transit across the country.

It's February 2020, keys are in place and an ambitious date in March has been picked. Things are starting to move but then COVID hits and all plans are put on hold. We wait through 2020 and the first half of 2021 following government guidelines to stay home / protect the NHS / save lives.

June 2021 restrictions are being lifted but it is still felt that now is not the time for this op.

September 2021 the plan is dusted off, and a date of 13th November 9.00am checkpoint is picked.

The team leads are picked and the plan is reviewed. There are a lot of 'problem areas' and all of the lanes go through active areas of Resistance. How do we manage this? We are Enlightened, no problem.

The week before the op some preliminary clearing is carried out to try and make things easier on the day. AgentTrulia volunteered to clear some fields on Ilkley moor and the weather could not have been worse, but since when has a bit of rain put the Enlightened off.

Three days before the op we need to change the link thrower at Beaumaris. A dead drop from the original key holder is arranged and the keys are with the new thrower. On checking the cap back at home there is a full set of keys missing for Blenheim and we can't contact the original key holder. Frantic messages are flying between agents to try and ship some more keys back to Beaumaris. Can we get them there in time? The following day the original key holder gets in touch and they have the keys, disaster averted.

Only 2 days to go and there are still blocking links from Hilbre Island. Agent amsterisk uses his local knowledge to negotiate the tidal route at night and clear the links. Not a trip for those that don't know the area.

In the early hours of the morning of the op, part one of the plan to contain one of the blue problem areas is put in place. m8utt, smearsofturf, Baggieboy, roguemale, Cervesa, cunrah arrange a distraction BAF for the 4.00am checkpoint. Success, at 3.55am BAF is up with nothing to rival it for miles around. 12 layers, 5,743,425 MU gained, not bad for a distraction. They grab a bit of shut-eye ready for the main event.

As they sleep, other agents are on the move traveling from cities throughout the UK to help out where necessary. Doing key exchanges in remote places and getting to their target portals.

At 7:30 agents are in place in plenty of time, waiting for the Go command.

Resistance areas are cleared simultaneously by multiple agents, rails are thrown and there is nothing they can do, they have been hamstrung.  

More blocks are dropped and more rails are thrown and then the first layer is up. Layers continue to be thrown with 18 of them making the 9.00am checkpoint, with a further 10 thrown after the checkpoint to make a total of 28. (Scarborough is a very hilly place!)

Job done and it’s time to celebrate and, as it's breakfast time, service stations / cafes / McDonald's across the country get visited for coffee and cakes. Some agents came prepared and made their own. Even the ducks come in fancy dress (can you name the politician). 

  • 74 Agents
  • 57 Links
  • 28 Fields 
  • 209 Million MU
  • 1 Enlightened


  • 40079
  • 1p0kem0n1
  • AgentTrulia
  • Alikhi
  • amsterisk
  • ayrlin
  • Baggieboy
  • Beanonidas
  • BirtSampson
  • BlackOmegon
  • BusStopBilly
  • CallumUK
  • Caraphaelius
  • Cervesa
  • ChinaFlex
  • Codecutter
  • cunrah
  • DoneX0220
  • drahcir101
  • dth8030
  • FatConsultant
  • froezen
  • geoffenator
  • GingerishFox
  • Gobozotigz
  • grizone
  • iMpOrtEdAliEn
  • incubus
  • jamesrpx
  • JediQuigley
  • JeremyFisher
  • jiblett
  • Jonswaano
  • JudyB
  • K14TP
  • kittysu
  • kupuguy
  • laze
  • LazySian
  • leelewis1708
  • LessThanJess
  • lgpmichael
  • m8utt
  • macslac
  • maeser
  • markblak
  • MightyBaker
  • Misstinker
  • MzKiwiBling
  • nocentis
  • NuttyNat2000
  • oooSNAFUooo
  • Pallol1Eye
  • roguemale
  • RoseyMacdoo
  • Sawelec
  • ScarletSiren666
  • SergeantAntsy
  • Shalreen
  • silverkali
  • simland42
  • SmaugSAR
  • SmearsOfTurf
  • SnafuPax
  • SnicketSurfer
  • sulisminerva1
  • ThePloogage1
  • Thorntree
  • tisshtoo
  • TLSF
  • Tomarse
  • UnreIatedReIate
  • weaselgrrl
  • whiterosy
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