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- sixth keylocker disappeared from my inventory !

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  • Sorry to hear about that, @RB11770n! Please reach out to our support team via in-app. One of our agents will take a look at it.

  • The same issue just happened to me.

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    Same issue just happened to me. In-app support asked me to delete and re-install the app. Did that, but the issue persists.

    1st Edit (14:20 Eastern Time). Picture is of a related issue (where are the keys if not in the locker or my inventory)?

    I was trying to empty the key locker at the time, but the keys never made it to my inventory (as far as I can tell), and then the locker disappeared as well.

    The game appears to act as though those 100 keys are still taking up 'phantom' inventory space. I can't see them or access them, but something is preventing me from picking up a capsule, even though the game display suggests I am more than 100 below cap.

    2nd Edit (14:54). Phantom inventory issue is resolved - I can pick up the capsule now, and it looks like the keys are in my inventory. But still no 6th key locker.

    3rd Edit (15:25). Phantom inventory issue returned. If displayed inventory is above 2,400, can't hack a portal or pick up an item.

    4th Edit (15:50). Restarted the app, and the 6th key locker was back, and the phantom inventory issue is no more. Knock on wood that it's fixed for me!

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