Key locker with keys disappeared

I was trying to unload keys from my green key locker and I kept getting a communication error. I tried closing and reopening the app but the same thing happened. I shut the app and restarted my device and suddenly the key locker was gone. I reinstalled the app and it's still gone. The locker had about 73 keys in it from some quite distant portals. Please could you investigate this. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A71, Android 11, Ingress Prime 2.84.1, connected over wifi.

Thanks, Athena2021

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  • Update: about 1 hr later the locker has suddenly reappeared empty with all the keys in the inventory. Glad to have the locker and keys back!

  • Thanks for the update, @Athena2021! I'll be closing this thread. Please feel free to reach out if you need help with any more questions.

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