Ghost items staying on the ground when exchanging with another player

When dropping items on the ground for another player to acquire, there are frequent ghost of items staying on the ground.

It's scanner related because each player see things differently and restarting the game solves it.

From my empirical experience :

  • when you acquire an item from the ground, the scanner actively removes it from the display so it won't stay as a ghost item *for your scanner*
  • when another player acquires an item from the ground that is visible *for you*, the removal from the scanner is not immediate (it could be faster but it would be hard network side for the server). This refresh can be triggered by opening and closing a portal in the field of vision.
  • sometimes, for some items, the refresh never happens. Even triggering it is not working. It is something related with how long you wait before triggering the refresh. You can have items that will dissappear, and others that will stay as ghosts until the scanner is restarted. These ghosts can still be selected from the ground, but trying to acquire them will get you an error message.

Still there in Ingress 2.84.1 on Android 11.


I'm pretty sure there is already a bug ticket about this problem, but I did not find it.

Feel free to link to it here and flag this one as duplicate if you know where the main ticket it.

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