No additional items in November C.O.R.E. loadout

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In the event schedule for the rest of 2021, Niantic posted this in regards to the 9th anniversary:

> Additional Loadout items with new C.O.R.E. subscription or renewal for the month of November (emphasis mine)

See also:

Posting on behalf of agent @MatzeMatze, they have subscribed to C.O.R.E. today and have not received the additional loadout that was announced, only the normal loadout.

I have read "for the month of November" as "If you subscribe or renew anytime between the 1st and 30th, you'll get the additional loadout items".

With my own and many other agents renewal coming up, please check the loadouts and, if possible, give the agent above the missing items ;)

EDIT: Also, if possible, please edit this post so it's in normal Bug Report format with the ability to upvote it and so on 😅

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