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Noted today when reserving the ID that i immediately got my ingress ID "vanuda".

This is the one that i have used in Ingress and the one i want to have.

But what i noted was that i got 2 different emails from Niantec ,

one directed towards **** and one towards ****

Last one is without "." in mailadress and google normally handles drops the mail in the same mailbox as its some kind of auto-aliasing for the mail adresses.

I guess that over time NIA have changed their handling of email adresses to remove "." in the email adress.

This have in some way made it impossible to use the nick "vanuda" in for example Pokemon Go and every time i have reached out to support have got the message that it was reserved already.

For Pogo/Catan/Pikmin/HPWU i had to chose a different nick even if same google ID used to login with.

Will the above described behavior be fixed as i really use the google identity to log in to the games and both should be equivalent.

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