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    i’ve got the same problem, more than 10 portal was accepted, but my stat stil lock on 464 portals and I never get the 1000 ap ! I got only the keys .

    Every time a new feature is introduced new bugs come with, it’s a Niantic brand :-P

  • I’m in same boat.

    No credit given for internally reviewed ones since the end of July

    Then the ones since lightship went live.

    I’m only doing submissions that I really want to go through that means reviewing and upgrades….. so that has nearly ground to a halt.

    it would be good to know this is be fully addressed.

  • I have the same issue.

    Wayspot accepted local time 31 Dec 2021. Live in Ingress and PoGo local time 1 Jan, 2022.

    Got portal key. (Don't know about AP as I don't keep track of AP).

    No +1 to Portals Discovered

    No +1 to Explorer badge (Unique Portals Visited)

    Yet, it showed up on Intel/scanner with purple ring.

    I went and captured the portal before getting a +1 to Explorer badge (Unique Portals Visited). I didn't try to hack first to see if it counts.

    Still no +1 to Portals Discovered.

    I have posted the same on Wayfarer forum.


    Then there is also the previous issue of nominations reviewed by Niantic staff in August 2021 that also didn't +1 to Portals Discovered.

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    Good evening. Recently I noticed that the counter of the number of received portals is in place. There are accepted nominees, but in the monthly and weekly statistics - 0.

    I counted the number of accepted applications in wayfarer. It was 416. According to the profile - 342.

    Some applications were accepted, but did not appear in the game due to the proximity to another portal. True, these are units.

    The difference is 74. That is, 74 received portals are lost somewhere and are not displayed in my profile. And this is a serious work done on the development of the game, wasted time.

    Please recount the nominations I submitted and accepted by the community and correct the number in my profile. Thank you.

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  • Is there an update on this ?

    While the Pokemon Go app got an upgrade of 40 submissions , its still 14 in Ingress, the discovery count is also messed up. Also the images getting accepted are not showing up in the portal as well. Its a big let down.

  • Same here, I would appreciate any update...

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    i am not even sure they will be able to bring back the discovery stat. As nomination from ingress / pogo are now both on lightship and there are absolutely no difference between them on wayfarer if you have the same email for both games.

    there might be somtething on server taht keep the origin of the nominatio nas i got keys from the ingress nomination and not the pogo ones (sad)

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    Today, my nomination was accepted and weekly stats counts up.

    It's a good news.

    But, my past ’not counted' stats is still not counted...

  • Step in the right direction. I had a portal go live overnight and my portals discovered stat increased by one also.

    I still have two dozen other portals that have gone live in the last two months that I would like credit for, any chance this will be repaired retroactively?

  • I can confirm that portals discovered and portals visited stats are now working. Also the portal key is provided.

    However no AP was given and as mentioned the current fix has not been retroactive.

  • Just received a +1 again too! Sadly no retroactive fix for the missing 12 for me. Baby steps perhaps..

  • Same here. I had count increase by 9 in the last 48h. So I guess ... wild guess ... that those are the submissions that were decided with positive confirmation email from 01/01/2022. Just a guess but it would match for me.

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    I've had 22 accepted since the issue began and zero updates to the Discovery stat, even one accepted today still doesn't give a +1

    EDIT: I got a key for the portal accepted today shortly after I posted this and then a couple of hours later it seems the Discovery stat has gone up by one as has the Explorer badge. Maybe it's working from now on? We'll see if another gets approved and it works, then that will just leave the 2-month gap for things to be rectified where it was broken

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    @NianticBrian @NianticThia @NianticVK Thanks for bringing back the stat!

    However, will the 10 portals I discovered in the meantime be backfilled?

  • I can confirm the stats are increasing again. I went up +3 but not sure what counts in. Since new years i had 5 confirmed, so it is unclear on which date they made the fix or went live with it.

    Personally I am jast glad that the stats is going again. For me it is a longterm occupation so missing 18 from the total tally ist that big of impact. I made a choice to submit even though I knew that i will probably not het credited on profile. The huge plus side for me is that now I will be able to catch the round #500 discovery, since I am at 504 approved in my stats.

  • Discovered metric seems to be updating indeed. However, all those accepted nominations of November and December are still getting no credit. I believe this is no great issue and can be easily fixed, as an example tons of events were based on data draining from certain periods in order to count for a badge.

    I hope you won't ignore this issue and push until it's fixed, many of us are certainly not fine with 20-30 accepted nominations missing from our profiles.

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    @NianticBrian @NianticThia @NianticVK

    Ok so i was complaining about this issue to in app support from last 3 months.

    My accepted nominations didn't counted in my ingress account stats. And my portal discover count was not increasing and stuck on 364 as i reported before in app.

    But recently when my last portal accepted and got live also it counted, and my stats increased from 364 to 365,however didn't got AP for that.

    But what about all of my past discoveries. I mean why didn't they counted.?

    According to me my portal discover stat should be on 440+. I have all the emails of accepted portals since i noticed this issue.

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  • @NianticThia - thank you for your feedback. Very much appreciated, especially that backlog is also being looked at. Best wishes for 2022

  • Yes, but unfortunately now worth 500AP instead 1000AP. I received email yesterday.

  • Email template was fixed just now and is back to mentioning that the AP reward is 1000.

    Of the 3 nominations I had approved in the last 24hrs the first one showed 500AP but the next 2 showed 1000AP,

  • ...but does it give any XP? Is that fixed already? No AP has been handed out for months.

  • Hard to tell without the popup AP message we used to see but I think we still aren't get the AP rewards.

  • I can now confirm that no AP is still given out. Got an accepted nomination to the game last night and AP has not changed.

    The backlog stats is however the one thing I hope Niantic fixes next.

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭
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    accepted POI mail now says 1000 ap.

    portal hasn't showed yet. i'll look for it tonight 10,15pm utc

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    Thank you for the update! I can also confirm +1 to discovery stat is awarded, however no AP. Also we didn't get all these +1 from portals discovered during last 3 months.

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    @NianticThia A friend of mine reported to me that his "Portals Discovered" stat is still not updating. He is stucked at 309 discovered Portals for months now. His Agent Name is @Erwitter

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  • @NianticThia I can confirm that 1000 AP was just rewarded from an accepted Ingress portal so that is fixed. 👍

  • BlasseBlasse ✭✭✭

    @NianticThia Also confirming 1000AP was awarded for an accepted portal.

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