Portals discovered stat is not updated



  • Oh, we do get the keys. I even saved all the keys from portals that did not add to my stats, "just in case", but then my inventory limits started to explode so I got rid of then.

    Otherwise, I agree. I missed the opportunity to celebrate my 1000th accepted portal with a screenshot. 😭

  • If you need any help in locating the bug, let us know. As this has been an issue for almost a month now, we users have had time to dig up pretty much all there is to know about the bug. Much of the things we've noticed is scattered in different topics and also in Wayfarer forum.

    Anyhow I wish your team all the best in solving the issue.

  • The counting of portals discovered has stopped. I have already five portals accepted after the number that appears um the agent profile.

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    Young padawan, please see the ongoing thread a mere 5 spots below your newly created thread.


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    Is there any update on this? I've had another portal accepted without counting toward my stats.

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    Support won't help.

    Me personally stuck on 51 while wayfarer has 65(duplicates,okay,three of approved gone nowhere - checked via all active games),and as i count i have 55-56.

  • yet year will investigate the problem. problem 2 months - still not fixed.

    NIA workers don't want to work! Slack programmers !!!

    Why do I pay for a subscription?

  • This exact same thing happens for me aswell. I think by now NIA should have been able to find the error in lightship.

  • The recent changes to wayfarer have killed all incentive to submit and review portals. During past 4 years I have successfully submitted over 1300 portals and reviewed almost 50,000 on wayfarer.

    I know of plenty of other worthy submissions some 100 miles from where I live, however why should I bother when there is no recognition and there is no guarantee these portals will be accepted into ingress.

    Until this is fixed there is no point submitting or reviewing portals. We have all worked for nothing for Niantic, using out own resources, and now they don't want to provide recognition or at the very least acknowledge there is a problem.

    Extremely disappointing.

    Please @NianticBrian @NianticThia at least read this thread and provide a response.

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    I have the same issue and I was hoping to get it resolved in time to do a round number of 500 portals discovered. 15 accepted portals later I am still waiting for a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Am also considering of canceling my subscription since i love working on this particular stat on the profile and its broken. I do not cate about the 1000 or 500 AP, since i get more for deploying a portal. The key is a good msg to know that the data is synced so I would miss this part of flow, but I could live without it, but the biggest pain for me personally is no growth in the stat with so many new portals on the map. That is just a growing disappointment for me.

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    i keep track of my stats and portal discovery hasn't been updated since at least november 11th.

    last discovery point around october 30th. POI created on 11/11 - 16/11 - 03/12 - 07/12 - 10/12 - 13/12 - 14/12 not counted.

  • I have the same issue. Let me know if you need any info.

  • Hello. The number of portal discovered is not updated from the other day. I can see the new portal and bonus keys on the scanner, but my profile numbers haven't increased. Thank you for your support.

  • ^ same as what was said here

  • The last four portal nominations that I got approved did not add up to my total of portals discovered. The portals did appear in the game and I did receive the key for it. I’m not sure if I received the 1000AP, since there is no way to trace this back.

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    This situation is getting more and more uncomfortable and disheartening. Since lightship was brought up, we Ingress players received only demotions: Portals appear after one day (this wasn't the case before) like in Pokemon Go, instead of 1000 ap we receive half, plus discovered attribute doesn't rise. Additionally,In the past there was the seer badge, which you terminated and now you even load poi from 4square in the middle of Bosporus. Completely nonsense!

    Seriously, if there is no solution soon, many of us will consider stopping submitting for good. I am also considering stopping my subscription. It won't do much to you, but good agreements make good friends and at the moment you seem to blutantly ignore us.

    And the insult to the injury, will be not updating all the portals we got through the game in this period. I don't even wanna thing about this scenario.

    Unfortunately, you use to make things right under pressure and playerbase condemnation. When in our area Pokemon Go spawns ceased to exist, and we made this matter known through reddit and famous videogame sites, you immediately responded and fixed this the next day, while we were pleading for your attention nearly a year. This could be an option in this case as well I guess!


  • Agree with Waspman.

    Why should we pay a subscription to be ignored?

    Hope there is some clarity on this issue soon.

  • Ever since the latest overhaul of Warfarer, when there became a 24 hour delay between a portal being accepted and it appearing in the scanner, I have no longer been receiving an increase in my portals discovered stat.

  • No +1 in the profile and also not getting the AP reward

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    This was reported before and Nia told they are looking into.Hope smth will change.

  • I have created 8 new portals since November 11th.

    The number of [Portals Discovered] has not increased.

  • Do you know if, when fixed, the Portals Discovered stat will update to where it should be for the agent? Or will only new submissions approved after the fix sync properly and increase the stat?

    I know a few of us stopped submitting and withdrew submissions since we didn't know the answer to this question. The missing AP most of us can deal with losing out on, it's the stat that is more important.

  • The last time my Portals Discovered count went up was on Nov 9. I missed out on a lot of credit before them from submissions Niantic reviewed internally, then nothing since the switch to Lightship was complete. I count at least 18 regular approval emails with no stat increase since then.

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