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    Obviously a typo happened here, I meant to write: got +1 to ”portals visited” for both, but NOT +1 to ”discovered”.

    Anyway, this happened again today as I finally got keys to two portals which were previously accepted but not showing up on map. Now these portals are live in Ingress. For me the ”visited” stat got increased again, but ”discovered” did not.

    Here are the portals:

    Isänmaan puolesta: Kalevi ja Tapani Ilmonen https://intel.ingress.com/intel?pll=62.01847,25.548725&z=15 , accepted 2021-08-24

    Mustanvuoren kukkaset https://intel.ingress.com/intel?pll=62.251545,26.115458&z=15 , accepted 2021-08-27

    As @NianticVK seems to be clueless how to deal with this issue, and how the in-game support chat works (it does not work, it’s just canned responses) (no offence VK, but your reply to this thread was below par) I’d just like to tag some names like @NianticThia and @NianticBrian here. For many of us submitting new portals is one of the most important and interesting parts of the game, and getting credit for our work is essential, even if it’s just a stat in the scanner. So please don’t take this issue lightly and make it a top priority to fix it.

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    It appears that actually ”portal visited” stat does not get incremented after all, instead the portal’s boolean value for agent having visited gets set to true. This can be observed with intel’s portal history.

  • And another one =(

    My favorite part of Ingress was opening my game after getting an email that my Portal is eligible and seeing the 1000 AP float by. Those days appear to be over.

    I do get the key, and I do get credit for having visited the portal on the intel map, but neither the Unique Portals Visited nor the Portals Discovered count goes up. There are more that I did not get credit for with the approval by Niantic bug previously, but the four most recent are:

    https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=35.769669,-78.833793 approval email Nov 18

    https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=35.764214,-78.835693 approval email Nov 14

    https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=35.764214,-78.835693 approval email Nov 12

    https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=35.780308,-78.82315 approval email Nov 9

    If I have figured out my screenshots, the last approval I got that made the "Portals Discovered" count go up to 162 was a different approval on Nov 9. The oldest one in this list acted like a Niantic Review, but the last three seem to be after portals started having to sync in to Lightship once a day.

  • And I now have one in this batch of approved portals without credit.☹️

  • @oscarc1

    Title: Gunnamatta Beach Trailmarker

    • Location: Fingal VIC (-38.44528,144.856808)
    • Submitted: 7 November 2021
    • Approved: 10 December 2021

    Title: Gunnamatta Beach - Carpark Trailmarker

    • Location: Fingal VIC (-38.447027,144.859169)
    • Submitted: 7 November 2021
    • Approved: 11 December 2021

    Time travel confirmed :) Guessing you mean approved in November, not December

    To add some data, my portal nomination accepted on Nov 5 10:36 UTC+0 (time of email) had no issues. Received key immediately. The other two on Nov 15 and Nov 19 both experienced delayed portal creation and no stat (discovered, UPV) updates.

    (aside: I can't seem to quote the text block above. Anyone knows how to do it?)

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    (edit double posted again because it gave me a fake error. I'm starting to really, really hate Vanilla at this point)

  • EngrishEngrish ✭✭✭✭

    I have had two portals go live in the last two weeks and neither of them are showing up on the Portals Discovered stat.

  • I received 2 email confirmación of valid portal this month, I received the keys of both portals, but the stat this week shows no discovered portals

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    I went to visit one of my bugged discovered portals and made a collage of screenshots. This is from the Niantic approvals not showing up in game until after the photo is liked in Pokemon Go period. But the same thing was happening then as to the credit not applying.

    My scanner shows the portal I discovered as visited. My Unique Portals Visited count is 1957. My scanner shows I have never captured the portal. I captured the portal. My Unique Portals Visited count goes up one to 1958. There is a bug. (My Portals Discovered count did not go up by capturing it, but I did not expect it to.)

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    this is a lightship issue.. not sure what went wrong but seems its not so easy to fix this...

  • daawgdaawg ✭✭✭

    Well, we can only guess, because… (inb4) lack of communication (!!)

  • There is a lack of communication and it keeps going round in circles. @NianticThia

    It looks like the 2 issues are linked.

    The first issue from end of July (not fully resolved) where Niantic reviewed POI did not appear in ingress and included no up tick in the portals discovered. This uptick part is still unresolved.

    The second issue since the 11th Nov POI discovered in the standard way are not counting as described.

    if you report via app they send you here.

    if you report here they send you to the app.

    if you report in Wayfarer they say it’s not them, and to report here……

    Can someone take responsibility and get it sorted?

  • I have the same issue. Stuck on 220 when I should be at 223, and I have a bunch of pending submissions. I would like them to count as a big part of my motivation to submit is so I can increase that number.

    I hope they fix it soon. It annoys me how they sometimes change things for the sake of change, and then they break something in the process.

  • BlasseBlasse ✭✭✭

    I was able to report it via in-game chat:

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    This is happening to everyone since the switch to Lightship. I have 865 emails stating that the POIs have been accepted via wayfarer and only 855 on my Portals discovered stat with nearly all of the discrepancy occurring in the last couple of weeks. Some new POIs are however showing as visited for me so this bug isn't consistent. @NianticCasey @NianticBrian @NianticThia any update on this as it's a bit poor. Also I wonder why Wayfarer agreements sync between both PoGO and Ingress but POIs discovered don't....maybe as it isn't a stat in PoGO but is in Ingress? It would be good it the total POIs discovered on all NIA platforms would show in Ingress.

    Here are examples of Ingress POIs that didn't credit for me:

    Fulbourn Memorial Oak 2018 Plaque (18th Nov)


    Linton Village Pump (21st Nov)


    Stansfield Red Pump (20th Nov)


    Little Chesterford Village Hall (16th Nov)


    S0006874-Littlebury Type FW/24 Pillbox (16th Nov)


    Little Chesterford Carved Notice Board - (15th Nov) Didn't get the visited for this one either


    Little Chesterford London Road Milestone - (15th Nov) Didn't get the visited for this one either


    Littlebury Village Notices - (14th Nov) Didn't get the visited for this one either



    Shudy Camps Little Free Library (8th Nov) - Possibly the last Nomination that counted for Discovered for me??



    This was my August nomination that went awol and then a key turned up in my inventory 17th Nov


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  • Here is another evidence collage:

    Wayspot was approved Nov 21. Went to the Ingress Portal today and the scanner shows I have visited it but my "Unique Portals Visited" count had not gone up. I had not previously captured it as shown, and then I did. And my "Unique Portals Visited" count went up.

    My "Portals Discovered" count has not gone up from 162. The oldest screenshot I have at this number is from Nov 9. Clearly this Wayspot did sync into Ingress, and I should have had credit for the discovery.

  • Wondering why it only says 5 portals discovered on my scanner when I've have 10 portals I've submitted that have been approved through Wayfarer ? All expect one was approved on Ingress and and I got keys. One was approved but may went into other Niantic games . Either way, my stats do not reflect my correct count .

  • Got my 1000th portal accepted. Stats still say 968 portals discovered.

    A bit anticlimatic to reach such a milestone without the possibility to even take a screen cap...

  • Same problem with 3 portals, first one Ineasn't sure but yesterday two more.

  • KatthKatth ✭✭✭

    Just the fact we’re being completely ignored here says it all… We should just stop submitting and/or improving the portal network. It’s their bread and butter…

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    This is same issue with the lag.. how long has that been a problem and still not fixed? and now this etc.....

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    Same issue here. Disappointed to see no response from Niantic here. The reward for our labor in finding quality waypoints is meek, but we still want it.

    Discovering new places is a huge part of the game for me, as I’m sure it is for most folks who make a habit out of doing this. At least for me personally, “portals discovered” is the most relevant stat to how I play the game.

    If you care about the future development of your network, you should be prioritizing every issue in relation to getting lightship to play nice with Ingress. Ingress players built the foundation of the network and, despite all logic, continue to care about the quality of it. I know it’s not your most profitable game, but in a way it is… you wouldn’t have any of this without the Ingress Founders and their portal submissions.

    The longer you let this issue sit without response to the community, the higher risk you run of alienating the ones who do the most diligent work on your waypoint network.

  • Yup 1 month on and no official response from NIA, I work for an online database resource and we try and at least give a response to our users in 48hrs.

    @NianticBrian anything you can do to flag this, just to get an acknowledgements of the issue with the Lightship/Ingress sync.

    #Niantic #Bug

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    Still an issue. I've completely stopped nominating and reviewing until this is resolved. I'd rather have my nominations sit in queue than be accepted and no credit be given.

    Forum support is useless, they close topics at a whim and say to go to in-game support. In-game support is useless, they say that the team are looking at it. Seems like nobody at Niantic wants to do anything and it's all somebody else's responsibility.

  • Same problem here.

    I don´t understand that niantic has not say anything about this bug yet.

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    I now have 4 portals accepted that have gone live that I got a key for but did not get the uptick in portals discovered stat. I opened a support ticket in app, when I uploaded additional photos of the 3rd and 4th accepted portals, they closed the ticket.

    @NianticBrian @NianticThia can we get someone to acknowledge and take a look at this?

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    Ahhhh, okay. So this is still a thing. Was posting in the general part of the forums asking if it was and here we are, weeks since it first appeared and more or less silence from the Niantic team. Not surprised.

    What is so difficult about communicating with us? What is the big secret about admitting that a bug was introduced and then updating us accordingly? And in my opinion, “we’re investigating” is not communicating. That’s a cheap corporate response and I truly feel like we deserve a little more than that. But, folks will still nominate portals, scan them, add photos, edit them, etc. That all benefits Niantic and their growing database and we can’t even get the courtesy of a response for our time.

    Shame on you @NianticBrian All cute when you and your team can drop into FS chats and give folks some more watered down corporate jargon, but y’all should be working overtime to fix these bugs and communicating with us peasants keeping you employed until the next anniversary event still riddled with latency issues. You hired @NianticThia to help communicate with us, so give her the tools and the answers to do so. Hiding her behind your cloak of “secrets” and this ongoing charade about “not knowing” enough is getting old. But, it’s worked for nine years I guess. Best of luck, but I don’t see how you can continue straight up ignoring your community and feel good about it….

  • I received about 10 email confirmación of valid portal last month, I received the keys of both portals, but the stat this week shows no discovered portals


  • This is happening to me as well. Its very disappointing. Increasing this number of portals discovered is one of the main reasons I play. I kept thinking I was crazy but now I've 100% confirmed it. Has anyone had any type of resolution or spoke to someone about this at all? Its really killing my motivation to go exploring...

    Can someone at Niantic just take a look at someones account in this thread and validate they are seeing the problem? Are there no community manager type people?

    I don't even care if its fixed right away, I just want some type of assurance that they will eventually show up when this is fixed.

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