Power Cube drop rate is almost non-existent.

I am on the current version of Prime, and iOS 15. I went to hack today to get power cubes as I need to recharge portals. I only acquired 2 power cubes in 28 hacks. I used both a tap hack and glyphing with similar results. With an at home FS this weekend and no power cubes it will be hard to participate. Earlier today the amount I recharged would not update until hours and hours later even after restarting the app multiple times. This version of Prime seems very glitchy with recharging, adding power cubes, the movement of items in and out of capsules. Everything seems to hang the game. Very frustrating to have to restart the app multiple times to recharge 100 keys. Also when attempting to boost charge all, only one reso (picked at random by the app) get charged then have to boost charge multiple times.

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