Niantic ID reservation - got ID from Niantic chat in Catan, can't change


When I was playing Catan:WE beta, there was Niantic chat feature in that game. I registered myself there. In the process of registration, there was glitch with onscreen keyboard, and the result was that letter 'g' was appended to the end of my nickname (nickname was taken from Ingress). I didn't saw that, so I was registered there with wrong nickname. I contacted Catan support, they told that I would be able to change nickname later when new version of Niantic chat would be released. Today, I saw announcement about claiming Niantic ID, so I went there, signed with same google account I'm using for both Ingress and Catan, and voila - it assigned me that same wrong nickname as Niantic ID (with typoed 'g' letter appended) which I entered in Niantic Chat in Catan.

How can I change my Niantic ID now?

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