Request Your Agent Name As Your Niantic ID Today


We are excited to begin the Niantic ID username request process. Your Niantic ID is your primary, unique, and public username identity across your Niantic Account. Niantic ID replaces your Niantic Profile, which is linked from your Ingress Agent Profile. If you’d like to use your Ingress Agent name as your Niantic ID username, you can make your request at  

Please note that the Niantic ID username request process is first come, first served. If another player uses your username in a different Niantic game, then they may be able to request this as their Niantic ID username. You are not guaranteed your Ingress Agent name as your Niantic ID username.

About Niantic ID

You must select one of your existing Niantic game usernames as your Niantic ID username; you cannot suggest or create a new Niantic ID username with free text input. Your Ingress Agent name as well as all of your other Niantic game usernames will not change. In the future, your Niantic Profile username will be updated to your selected Niantic ID username.

Check out the Niantic blog for more information on Niantic ID. 

— The Niantic Identity, Trust, and Support Team



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    There is an FAQ up on the Niantic ID site - you can find more info here:

    Please reference the FAQ for up-to-date info from the team related to Niantic ID.

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