Ingress 2.83.1 Release Notes

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What’s New

• We updated our loading flow with the Powered by Niantic Lightship logo to reflect our recent Lightship upgrades.

• Adventure Sync connects with Google Fit or Apple HealthKit to record your walking distance even if the Ingress Scanner isn’t open. This distance is used towards the Trekker medal and also completing Kinetic Capsule Programs.

• Portal Scan Meshing on supported phones allows Agents to better see what has and hasn’t been scanned during a Portal Scan. Meshing is an opt-in feature; all devices that had access to Portal Scanning in previous Ingress releases can continue to use the point cloud visualization.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed: Missing keyboard button in COMM Chat.

• Fixed: Hard lock when trying to re-scan a Portal.

• Fixed: Subscription Refresh button in the Settings menu sometimes fell below the fold.

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