"Your Link destroyed by decay" Activity message

HopeaKotkaHopeaKotka ✭✭✭✭
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Noticed "Your Link destroyed by decay" activity entries two days ago (on 30.10.2021):

Before that I have seen these messages only once about 8 months ago (on 27.2.2021):

Is this a feature that is working only very rarely?

Or is this a new unpublished feature that is under a very long over 8 months testing?

I can assume these messages can/may cause some high server load.

Samsung S10+
Android 11
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  • It happens with portals that I create links or fields recently but it will discharging completely in minutes.

  • HopeaKotkaHopeaKotka ✭✭✭✭

    Interesting, noticed "Link destroyed by decay" and "Control Field destroyed by decay" activity messages today.

    Not sure if this is a feature that is working very rarely or is NIA just Beta testing something ?

    Have noticed these messages only three times since February 2021.

    Samsung S10+
    Android 12
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