StarBattle Orionidis 2021

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Agents, you may have noticed over the last two weekends there were some starbursts and fields that popped up all over the world. These starburst and fields were part of the Enlightened yearly Starbattle Competition. During four days, over 900 agents from 28 countries created links to make amazing starbursts that stretched for miles (kilometers) and fields that covered hundreds of MUs. 

The first event was the Starburst Battle on the weekend of October 16 & 17th. During this event one of the teams attempted to beat the world record and nearly made it. The Wolves of Belgium started strong, but after only a few hours of throwing they ran into server issues causing them to hit the link limit of 7,294 on their portal. We immediately reached out to NIA to ask for help to try and get the servers back so the links could continue in. NIA tried to help with the problem, but it was just too much for the servers to handle. If they could have finished it may have been even greater then it was and beaten the record. But, we think this should be considered the new record for the new Lightship Servers as this is the first major starburst since the migration over. As the starbursts went up all of the agents participating were watching each other and cheering each other on. We had agents who wanted to push further in other areas after seeing what the Belgians were able to accomplish to see just how much they could get done. Our team of global watchers spent hours on Zoom talking and counting to make sure that we could get the accurate counts and stats and we can confirm that after all the excitement they were both exhausted and wanting to get ready for next year’s event. Agents joined in on an Afterparty Chat once they were done to compare experiences and how they felt about what the others had done. People were commenting on how much fun they were having and how exciting it was to be back out playing and doing things that they had missed with the pandemic. It was wonderful to see so many agents excited to be out playing.

Over all agents built a total of 38,340 links with a total distance of 902,097.94 kilometer - which is equal to a link 22.5 times around the world or linking from the Earth to the Moon and back 2.3 times.

For this year's starbattle agents went above and beyond in their preparation and during the event. We had agents single-handedly farming 3,000 keys to one portal or who joined two different starbursts in two countries on the same weekend. In London the starburst team even went for two stars on the same day, in combination with a great feast of cake and fish’n’chips. Other agents drove multiple times with their bicycle to farm keys at the 23km distant starburst portal, which made him drive 300km in total for keyfarming. Saint Petersburg and Moscow went for a starburst/field combination as well as San Diego. We had single players or two agent teams throwing starbursts in their town as well as over 200 agents working together for one starburst. Unfortunately spoofers interrupted with the starburst in Montréal, Canada.

The second event was the Fielding Battle on the weekend of October 23 & 24th. This event, even though it was smaller, was still just as impressive. Three of the five sets of teams all aimed for the 11pm UTC checkpoint on October 23rd. Agents were out as early as several hours before the checkpoint to get as many fields up as they could. In total they were able to get 159 fields up across 5 teams globally with a total of 363,988,544 MU.

We want to thank all of our organizers, location leads, intel watchers, Vanguards from both factions. Also thank you to @NianticPooja and @NianticThia for their support upfront and during the event. But most especially the agents on the ground. It was wonderful to have so many of you participate this year and we hope to see you all again in 2022!

Here are our stats for this year:

Starbattle Stats (Top 5):

Highest number of links (max. Numbers of Links)

Mechelen, Belgium 7294

Doorn, Netherlands 5059

Arizona, USA 4011

Lima, Peru 2281

Madrid, Spain 2249

Total Kilometers

Saint Petersburg-Moskow, Russia 278,593.44

Mechelen, Belgium 246,716.78

Arizona, USA 168,569.17

Doorn, Netherlands 101,512.54

Kaunas/Team Lithuania 13,147.24

Longest Link (Km)

San Diego, USA 4,110.33

Saint Petersburg-Moskow, Russia 556.28

Arizona, USA 438.40

Henrico, Virginia, USA 113.10

Dnipro, Ukraine 97.994

Average Kilometers

Saint Petersburg-Moskow, Russia 234.70

Henrico, Virginia, USA 113.10

Dnipro, Ukraine 97.994

Arizona, USA 42.03

Mechelen, Belgium 33.84

Fieldbattle Stats:

Highest number of MU (at Checkpoint)

Saint Petersburg-Moskow, Russia 237,418,034

Tucson, Arizona, USA 33,208,157

San Diego, California, USA 21,941,359

Brittany, France 3,884,659

Dresden, Germany 2,569,033

Highest number of fields (at Checkpoint)

Tucson, Arizona, USA 60

Brittany, France 40

Saint Petersburg-Moskow, Russia 31

San Diego, California, USA 15

Dresden, Germany 13

Longest Link (in kilometers)

San Diego, California, USA 4,110.33

Saint Petersburg-Moskow, Russia 556.28

Tucson,  Arizona, USA 323.87

Britanny, France 117.30

Dresden, Germany 71.46

MU per Layer

Saint Petersburg-Moskow, Russia 7,658,646.26

San Diego, California, USA 1,462,757.27

Tucson,  Arizona, USA 553,469.28

Dresden, Germany 197,617.92

Brittany, France 97,116.48

Biggest Layer

Saint Petersburg-Moskow, Russia 7,588,816.00

San Diego, California, USA 1,470,820.00

Tucson,  Arizona, USA 573,201.00

Dresden, Germany 368,320.00

Brittany, France 132,457.00

More Stats you can find here:

For Screenshots check out this album:

If you want to participate with your ENL Community the next time feel free to ask the following agents for more information: @Claudija @pandahe1en @DisasterMaker89

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  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭

    massive effort by everyone, well done! on to the next one ! 😍

  • iFrankmansiFrankmans ✭✭✭✭

    It was a great event! Happy to have been part of the effort to take the Dutch record in which we succeeded! Can’t wait for more physical events to happen in the near future.

  • ^ This. It is why I couldn't keep playing games like Pokemon Go, and quit after a few weeks of Wizards Unite.

    It is also one of the main reasons we hear pokemon players swap to Ingress.

    This event was awesome. I stayed up for 22h for it because we just kept linking. 😍

  • This was a great event, thank for the orga's and all of the participants who made this possible. It was for us like this:

  • #tiefgarage

  • It seems to be a nice event including some really impressive operations 


    is Claudija really claiming a new #lightshipserverlinkstarworldrecord for the Enlightened?

    sounds so!

  • styleestylee ✭✭
    edited October 2021

    Proud to have been part of this. Funny event, awesome orga team! Thanks to my Green Fog Squad friends in Padova, Italy: Barbie996, @Dohko88, @EchoBravo00, @guerrafix, @LightRoby, @MoonbaseAlpha, @p4sticcio, scantaki, @stylee, sunita85

  • Just started tot link in when the server crashed....

  • What a nice event. If only there is info about this to our local agents, maybe we can participate. From Bandung, Indonesia

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