Mission rejected due to image ownership issue.

All mission images in this series are downloaded from Unsplash.com. They are all free to use. Please visit https://unsplash.com/license to view their use policy: "Unsplash grants you an irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide copyright license to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use photos from Unsplash for free, including for commercial purposes, without permission from or attributing the photographer or Unsplash. This license does not include the right to compile photos from Unsplash to replicate a similar or competing service."

Rejection reason: Thanks for submitting City Smash Gainesville 4-12. Unfortunately, we were not able to accept your Mission. Your Mission may have one or more of the following issues:

  • Use of an image or text that isn't yours or that you don't have rights to use or that consists of a logo
  • Use of official Niantic logos or event names (NL1331, Mission Day, etc.)
  • Use of Image or Text that claims the Mission as "official", otherwise implies it has special designation, or is endorsed by Niantic (e.g., "The Official Ingress London Mission")

Mission image:

Permission to use image from Unsplash:

My first submission included the attribute (photographers name) but was rejected because it contained a name. I resubmitted without the attribute but it was rejected because I did not have permission to use the image. The most recent submission contained the text "unsplash(dot)com" as I suspect you would deny a submission which contained a link. Two other similar submissions (#2 and #3 in the series) have been submitted with just "Unsplash" and one with "Unsplash.com".

It is clear that I DO have permission to use these images. If there is some other was to attribute the photo please let us know. We are trying very hard to do things properly, we just need the means to do so.

Cecil Andrews (BountyHunter23)

This issue was submitted as a bug, but was redacted.


  • Thats the same Problem who everyone have. It's easier to get pictures approved from Google then self made ones.

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