Orionides Starburst Belgium

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It's this time of the year again. The Orionids meteor shower is visible over our continent again in October 2021. Therefore, the Wolves of Belgium agreed to enlighten the country by creating a new starburst. Through careful preparation the starburst was planned, and the keys were farmed by a small group of people. Meanwhile the core organization team mobilized the rest of the Wolves for preparing their area and working with the operators “eyes in the sky” to create plans for a new success. On D-Day at exactly 9PM CET as much as 208 agents went into the field to clear lanes, capture portals and link as many as possible to the selected portal in the city of Mechelen, creating a magnificent Enlightened Star. After several hours of linking the scanner became very slow and eventually no one could establish links anymore, because of some undisclosed issue on the Niantic database. Breaking the world record was prepared and would have been possible, but it didn’t happen this time. But again, the Wolves with the organization and the operators had done a stunning job resulting in this year’s largest starburst of the global enlightened event with 7294 links. It took until well into the next day until the ghost links from destroying the portal disappeared from the Intel. A job to be proud of, established by the many Wolves of Belgium. Come join the wolfpack for a next event, ready for breaking the world record of links.

Some of our agents:

Alesnico,StevenDB1,Peken87,L1v1nu5,LoneGreenWolf,N05F3R47U,Janr222,E36Jokke,hextrill,AgentTandT,Antoine001,ArnoVosjetheking,BadP_ENL,BIGJIM006,firieru,zendaly,BaTallica,Agent1337,Li3sj3,DanceM0nkey,IGR33NL1GHTI,MaartenBuys,Diver5,LlamaKuzco,Dahlek,MrCarmageddon,Vermaete,Nerdijn,Omenio,Jarviskebabcule,Kohonee,Lodmat,Beekillers,Jardem1,Lokrus,saarstahl,loekiwing,Nismodude,AzraeL0104,Prosperio,starlingc,Bulckie,Citanul_enl,DeK0ning,Dillic,Dimiitriii,ENL_1GCC518,FantasyGhost80,Filoei,formatrick,frostmourne23,ftd25c,fvanstra,Gijsiow,giraffan,Greenfuture_enl,GreenIceTea,Gukke73,H4DES,jarizstyle,Kapryss,Kedha90,Khelben101,LiberalNik,Lizzie87,metserke72,Mistral36,MvZuid_Hakesh,NarfCaillou,Nicomachus42,Sam_Jae,sanders1989,seppe2202,SGGRED,Sonjohan,ThaalSinestro,Tryggvassen,Weermanvlam,Wilster69,X3N04L13N,Guydovich,D4rk4n631,Neelram_WOB,DeWes88,K3v1ndp,mrootz,speci19,dirkvink,Valcav,Mcottomatcc,Nick_Jacobs,Papadox,HazzaNizza,suntaury,udobald,Rafou1985,sinyyyk,Dradem0,ENL_1GCC518,RaijNyu,Jos_turbo,Voltian,DenDude,DragonfIice,tehuuroftekoop,YP3RM,LookThereItIs,GoblinEatSmurf,Josske,Kuchukabi,GhosTBerserked,DaanMich1998,Bicky209,ManonsterEhv,DarkAngel_87,RobinBurg,Phaeleh14,CueBoy,kludster,JoolsyJools,WickyBlueEyes,BinaryPawn,Redbach13,ENLguard,thebraveteacher,Nats114,Psycho3s,CaptMichiel,itsxavm,ASillyMistake,geertvan64,Matt220870,hydrotherion,Berten59,JohnPhaedrus,realgamer007,Svenp4,LiyuTrainer,Smoky8383,jelkem,W1d0wjack,TelfixValor,curryman666,Konijnenpoot,Blackeagle8100,k1456a,EternalMayhem,sewOmati,SoranikNatu,tweetylover,poefchi,GroeneSteen,Ironbrow,Jobiro05,KiaoraEnl,kludder,maredon,Marloes van Tilburg,777Queen777,Alphaleader007,anastasia71,Ass3po3st3r,BandicootMC,K4th,L4URA,Lyano1,Olifantje131997,Raika007,Sonoftbt,T4ntGerrit,ThOmasz,Vuchel,Aiki410,Endymion87,MisterCrimino,Uchihaitatchi92,thegame1745,Agent0493,AgentTrulia,deviousness,DhrMekmek,disturbinator,Drisla,evoleno,grizbear,QueenGee247,roarex,SagaSanTSD,sessha,SnowXTC,SrAgentSmith,staticage13,Tori,tyreno,2h0t4u,Kljintje,Mald3r,nezarian,Scalle01,Augurk09,D4P5YCHO,DIL107,Irpacf,MalxxCharm,Toikin1977,XQlusioN,Vashiru

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  • Amazing jod... Great Team ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • TelfixTelfix ✭✭
    edited October 25

    Glad to a part of this great team!💪 Let’s break the record next time!😎

  • Nice work, Frogs! 🐸

  • we did so well.. proud to be member of the team, great people

  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭
    edited October 25

    we are just awesome 😊 . (and added 3 golden gyms in pogo thanks to this OP😛)

  • So glad I was part of this event - awesome experience!!

  • So nice to see the evolution. Nice work and to be part of it.

  • We needed that! Amazing collaboration!

  • Go team! 😁💚

  • Amazing! too bad the hamsters from Niantic server cant handle the stars!

  • Another great op, well prepared, well executed.

    /S A special thanks to Niantic who made it possible for all of us to return home early.

  • Nice operation.

    Greetings from RES Berlin ;)

    # 8378

  • thegame1745thegame1745 ✭✭✭
    edited October 26

    thanks... but nia saved your butts (and the japanese record) by blocking all new links to the portal...

  • HendrikTovenaarHendrikTovenaar ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 26

    Please be aware both the RES linkstars of Berlin and Czech reached a similar Niantic server limit as well. The limit on those days just happened to be higher/different.

    Nonetheless quite the achievement for all those involved.

  • thegame1745thegame1745 ✭✭✭
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    During our first WR attempt the limit was completely different. During the XF starburst it was different.

    This time nia started working on the servers to improve stability and all of a sudden, the portal no longer saw ENL agents as being the right faction.the alignment of the portal changed. So something went wrong on their end. either as a server failsafe or a fuckup. Manual count showed we actually made 7496 standing links. so it's more like the new max of the portal was 7.5k

    So iit was a completely different issue. we were hitting 3k links an hour with loads of keys left and agents waiting from 11.30pm until 1am before calling it. We only told them to go home when nia informed us there was nothing they could do to fix the issue.

    TLDR: many ingress agents are paying core subscriptions... to get worse servers

  • Ultimately us players are stuck with limits indirectly imposed by Niantic. Either by hitting the (unforeseen) limitations of the technology, or in other cases limitations imposed by bugs, issues or maintenance.

    On the day of the RES linkstars, those I mentioned earlier, issues rose of worldwide linkability issues. The issues started before the attempt of the first linkstar started, and continued to have effect during both attempts.

    Whether this issue was the cause of the link limitations on the linkstar portals? We don't know. Nor do we know what would've happened if the day had no issues.

    For all linkstars or fields you could think back and ask yourself: Would that one decision change the outcome? Would the reached portallink count be a lot higher? Would it be a new record? Would any other limit have prevented from reaching the record? We'll never know.

    Thinking in "what if" should be avoided for this reason; we don't know what would've happened "if" anything really. That's what reply is based on.

    The only thing we know is what has happened: A nicely created linkstar having just shy of 7300 links attached.


    Sidenote: Out of curiosity, how did you manage to count the ~7500 links? The only time I've seen that number reached on the portal was on the day after, when the portal had been destroyed allowing new links while also counting the ~7300 ghosting links.

  • We counted links added and destroyed before the takedown in the morning. So based on comm messages. It seems iitc is off/late in displaying the correct results.

    The what if... Could be considered speculation. But seeing some lane just opened up and many agents still roaring to go and link. It sucks...

    And that is an issue with every linkstar I'm aware that there are limitations. We ran into it on our first wr. You ran into it too. So we all could have a higher numbers. The wr could still be yours. We don't know that. But the current wr would have been beaten if server capacity... Max link cap was higher

  • "Would"....."if".... quite the confidence. "If" I had bought the winning lotery ticket, I "would" be rich right now.

    In any case, nicely done on the Ops; I'm looking forward to seeing your "would" become reality.

  • It was amazing to work with such great agents from all over to get this event up and running. Thank you @DhrMekmek  @kludster @thegame1745 @Agent0493 @fvanstra @StantonDowd @Kuchukabi in charge on this event in Belgium, such great farm team agents like: @TelfixValor @LiyuTrainer @svenp4 and much more others agents, clean players, link players, transport, a great teamwork and a great organization..Thank you

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