Something crazy happened: L1-L16 TWICE IN RECORD TIME - FIRST IN THE WORLD

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I saw players doing level up world records and the idea came up…

Why run only one round when you can do it twice? Insane idea but not impossible.

All brain activity by Suiami 

The best minions ever:

OhiKoLiNa, maamesi, Pirivieteri, Zemppa, Remareiska, Archaliar


50 portals in Mänttä/Finland that can be used for linking and 40 base links in Vilppula/Finland


200 keys on each of the 40 base portals. Farmed keys in seven days with three players. 

800 Soft Bank Ultra Link. Got a lot from other players and many were made in kinetic capsules.

200 ADA. Got those from other players who were part of this and some others as well.

How it was done:

There was the base that I made before starting.

The rest was easy to do. Started in the middle of the night so there would be only a small possibility for other players to come and get this mission halted with links or something else.

All linking rounds went like this: capture, four sbuls in, link your heart out, ADA and then to the next portal.

Maamesi and Pirivieteri deployed the portals and SBUL’s and used ADA’s. Dropping more keys to me meanwhile, of course.

When I was ready with both rounds after a foul hour mandatory break in between and checked up the total AP and time, I found out I beat the speed recurse world record that used to be 3 hours 20 minutes. My time was 3 hours 9 minutes.

I had become the first in the world to do recurse and max leveling two times in a row in world record time.

Start: July 29, 2021 00:00 

End: July 29, 2021 10:36

First round time: 3h25m

Recurse time: 4h

Round two time: 3h9m

Total time: 10h36m

Links made: 7376

Fields made: 14108

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  • noregarddnoregardd ✭✭✭
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    Congratulations! What an amazing achievement! I did L1-L16 once in 2020. And the number of keys is ridiculous, we need many help from supporting agent to farm and use their inventory storage. Also, ridiculous number of ADA. And you did twice of what I did. So I just can imagine what you and your friends been through. Congrats for the two records, first one to do 2 cycle rapid recurse and fastest L1-L16. Regards from Bandung, Indonesia!

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