One of my capsules disappeared after reaching level 11

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So I just got to level 11 and I was going to save the very rare mods that I got in my "very rare capsule" (a normal capsule, I just use it to store those valuable items there), but after looking for it in my inventory it is nowhere to be found! ( Had like 80 VR items).

I'm totally positive I have not dropped it, or deleted it in any way. Don't know how to reproduce the issue. Ingress 2.82.1. anyone knows how to get it back or where to post a support request for this?

Android 11 on a Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro.

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  • juanm55juanm55 ✭✭
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    Update... I went over the steps I took on my morning walk and found the capsule lying on the ground... Which makes no sense since I was just having and making some links, didn't even open my inventory.

    Looking back I remembered that this is not the first time this has happened to me... Sometimes when I log in the scanner just decides to drop a capsule wherever I am.

    I had found it before, but this time I didn't check.... This is a game issue related to the startup of the game when you launch it IMO

  • I had this happen once on a very old version of ingress prime granted it was only a couple of portal keys and a L8 Burster which thankfully was close to home but thankfully no one saw it on the map by the time i finished my walk otherwise i'd have lost it but when i saw them on the map i thought it was another agent nearby at the time.

  • What a strange coincidence! I also mysteriously lost a capsule this week. I noticed it during a break at work, while checking Ingress. Pretty sure I still had it in the morning at home, and on my way from home to work I didn't even take the phone out of my pocket. I didn't see the capsule on the ground at work, nor did I see it on the ground in the evening when returning home (I was away 8 hours). Of course it is possible that someone picked it up in the meantime.

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    You're not alone with capsules randomly dropping, I had one drop on me that had 5 VRLA, which was named very explicitly, and managed to backtrack and find it a few hours later luckily. Another agent I know lost a cap with 100 hypercubes in it.

    Neither of us dropped it ourselves.

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