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Hi, I play to Milan since 2018, I’d like to explain 2 year of fake accounts in Milan.

I will not mention real players but only account created to destroy or hinder created fileds:

Pittohui regularly destroyed the filed of my faction, banned only after it cleaned three days of blockers from the whole Lodi area in about 15 minutes, at the same time as pittohui appeared Giulietto2006 (My faction) crossed after pittohui smashed.

After pittohui cleaned all my fake blockers I got a rage attack in comm and I suffered a warn for insulting him (I was very angry)

Immediately after the ban of pittohui it was the turn of AmicoDiPoio (friend of Poio in English) who stalks me everywhere in fake.

After AmicoDiPoio I think it's 8Blackmamba's turn (result even first in the cell by score).

AleSUKApro95 (direct reference to a real player, AlePro95, which helps us to report).

After a well-known player has been banned, AncoraQui is included which, simply to say, has cleared the cell of any existing filed of my faction.

Who regularly split the portal of Cameri (accessible only a few days a year when the base is open for visits): TriSared, Thomas911, Cerikilop, DermaCurve, Koninapower, Cicivon, Rikitakitak, ssfgt, gladerzas, Fabre453

CiLavoroACameri (In English “I Work In Cameri”) but the fake destroyed a portal in the City, destroyed a filed e crossed whit another accout in the same color of my faction

Recently it was the turn of Stivale92 and 92puniscer, direct reference to two banned players, the fake accounts was one blue and one green: one broke my faction fields and one crossed.

Immediately after Dramaorg (or a similar name) destroyed filds and Koreaman69 crossed.

In the last year we had: Abbronzatissima, DayBreak84, Togoooooooo, novaAR and So many other (I don’t remember all name) …..anyone “casually” destroyed o crossed (in the same color) ” fileds of my faction.

In recent days:

 ViAiuto (In English "I help you") MiDispiace (in English "Im sorry"): the same thing one smashed and the other crossed.

beetween 16 to 17 October as been the turn of LINKOFORTE, CiucciaNebbia MaNoMaSiMaSu.

To all this must be added a huge loss of Ada and Jarvis, more time and fuel to restore what had been demolished in fake by a biggest part of my faction in Milan.

Is not possible that the referee (NIA) never interview? I’m not possible for us send to NIA the Intell links of the field Destroyed and NIA Restore? 

Behinds each field there are many kilometers, organization, gasoline (in italy 1.75 € per liter), arguments and discussions.

All this since 2018, the year in which I signed up for ingress, I have never seen anyone fake **** down or cross files of the faction opposed to me.

it is possible to have the intervention of NIAGameMAster to restore fields destroyed 2 or 3 week ago that is not possible make again for the continuous intervention of various fake? 


The fact that NIA never intervenes can be an invite to make fake

If Niantic doesn't have the resources, wouldn't it be better to entrust NIAGameMasters to 2/3 national players (per faction) and give them the power to restore what the fake has destroyed? 

At present I am convinced that NIANTIC had to pay a person just to keep up with the continuous fake in NR01Golf03, with a huge waste of time both and money on your part and on our part.




  • MuzzgoodMuzzgood ✭✭✭

    There is no referee in this game.

    My advice is, if it helps:

    Report suspected cheating to Nantic.

    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

    Maybe both factions are affected by this so ENL and RES local communities need to cooperate against saboteurs?

    Getting a comm warning because a saboteur/cheater is just sad :(

    Good Luck!

  • ThePoioThePoio ✭✭
    edited October 18

    the other faction does not collaborate, on the contrary those who collaborate are derided, now bought a new fake "JasPeravo" (direct reference to a player of the other faction that helps us to control the fake), which has adapted our field and cross

  • @Muzzgood if no refree is present, is time to add one? if yes, how should it be?

  • MuzzgoodMuzzgood ✭✭✭

    I understand Your point.

    As I said in my earlier comment, the comment might not be helpful.

    Cheaters usually are not good with endurance, this is why they cheat.

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