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When returning by force, restart, Drones hover over the actual players position.

Especially players who not use their drone often forget to move it away immediately.

This leads to drones hovering at positions without portals and clearly show the living place of the agent. (Agent name is easily gotten as drones move in a small range usually, correlated to portals and agents actions.)

Please allow definition of a return point for drones to prevent others to find out where one lives. Alternatively, switch their visibility of while not in range of a portal.

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  • @40ps I'm not able to reproduce this on Map Screen with Dronenet Layer or in Drone Footage view.

    Just a quick reminder that you can see your own Agent Avatar on the Map Screen, but other Agents cannot see your Agent Avatar on their Map Screens. You can also see your own Drone hovering over your own Agent Avatar if it has been returned to you, but other Agents cannot see your Drone on your Agent Avatar.

    If you already understand this and you're still seeing other Agents' Drones on their Avatars (not on a Portal), please let us know through the in-game support chat with a lat-lon of where you're seeing another Agents' Drones and a screenshot of what you're seeing, and we'll investigate further. Thanks.

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