Spreadsheet for reaching 100 million AP

Has anyone got a spreadsheet or website that helps you with working out what actions you need to do in game to get to a certain amount of AP like 100 million AP.

Something where I can put in my all time AP and recursion AP and it lets me know the amount of AP needed to get to a specified amount of AP and the amount of certain actions I need to do that gives me that amount of AP.


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    I recall seeing a website at one point but I'm pretty sure it's out of date if it still exists at all. But my approach for doing this basically boils down to:

    Step 1: Play normally to the last 10k or so AP from my target, then get myself to a multiple of 5 from my target by glyphing, linking, and/or destroying links.

    Step 2: Perform only actions that give multiples of 5 AP until I get to about 1000 AP left. Deploy any number of resonators on a portal. Deploy beacons or fireworks for 500 AP, recharge, upgrade, mod, glyph incomplete sequences, whatever you want. You don't need to be too careful other than making sure to only do things that yield a multiple of 5 AP.

    Step 3: Once below 1000, then do the math on what I need using 3 basic building blocks:

    • 50 AP for making a single correct glyph in a sequence of 2 or more (intentionally miss additional glyphs)
    • 65 AP for recharging or for upgrading a resonator
    • 125 AP for deploying a resonator (2nd through 7th on a portal) or mod

    For any AP value at or above 340 AP there is a solution using only these actions. Solving the equation is half the fun.

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