Intel Site 500 Internal Server Error

I have not been able to use the intel site since around February. The page allows me to sign in, the map appears, but nothing loads (eg: portals, links, comms, etc). The loading sign doesn't even move, though my agent name and information does load. I have tried different browsers, isp, devices, etc. I have tried to link and unlink my Facebook account, to which I often get strange errors where it shows linked, but doesn't show the e-mail/account linked. I believe that the issues began when I signed up for the CORE membership (day 1). I have contacted Niantic support several times to no avail, and they have directed me to Google Pay support to no avail. I have been a player since year 2, but took a few years hiatus and returned in 2020.

If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do to remedy this situation, I am eager to try anything at this point. @NianticThia Can you help me?



  • I know that this is a Niantic issue because I cannot access it from any browser, including my phone. I cannot access my CORE membership information, though I am signed in. I need any Niantic employee that actually understands the game programming to contact me to resolve this, I would understand if I was just a free player, but I have paid my CORE membership since day 1. continually frustrating, and affecting my gameplay and desire to play. If I cannot see the status outside of my scanner screen, I cannot plan Missions, BAFs, takedowns, links, fields, captures........

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    probably you could fix it by yourself.

    try to delete cookies and local storage from application tag in the browser developer tools, and reload the page.

  • I'm still in the same boat for about a year now. No progress has been made, and really makes planning anything impossible. Tried different devices, browsers, deleted cookies, unlinked and relinked accounts, and more to no avail. I am also signed in, showing my IGN, level, AP, and accurate XM bar value.... but no CORE inventory, and nothing on the map more than the base map layer (no portals, links, fields, etc). @NianticThia is trying to work on it for me, but another month and no answers. Losing interest, which is bad for someone like myself who has played several years and my financial support

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