West Midlands X-Faction (UK)

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If you are an agent who lives or plays in the West Midlands area (UK) - we would love to hear from you!

This is a X-Faction Community, so you can join whether your team is Resistance or Enlightened!

Join our local community of like-minded players who like a bit of fun and a laugh.

We try and meet when we can, we help each other out and we have already hosted two successful First Saturday events!

If you would like to get to know us, send a message to me @Tobiazard in comms or on Telegram. I can then get you added to our Telegram Group and/or Facebook page :D

We look forward to meeting you soon!


  • Awesome stuff dude. Loving the vibe and continued 💙💚

    Any future updates or events coming?

  • TobiazardTobiazard ✭✭
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    @AsItWas Birmingham and Wolverhampton FS are on the cards for coming months. Once I can post links on here, will be sure to add the Telegram and Facebook links, so people can follow the news! 💚💙

  • Hi

    I'm lapworth. So shirley, warwick and Kenilworth are within my patch. Please can I join

  • Hi @MotherAcorn !

    Absolutely! I can’t post links in here yet, so will message you in comms! 😁

  • Just when I thought this would be a Quiet Place to explore I Find Tobiazard Lurking here as well..Oh Well 😁😂🤣😋

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