One-Time Niantic Username Change | Oct. 6 - Oct. 22

Hi Agents,

Following up from our last post with the v1.3.1 release, we are now extending the opportunity to change your Niantic Username. If you’d like to change your username, please fill out this form by Friday, October 22. You do not need to fill out the form if you are happy with your current Niantic Username. These changes will take effect during the week of October 25th. We will be reviewing all submissions, so please do not share this form with anyone outside of the Closed Beta.

Last week’s update introduced Niantic Username as your unique identity across all games and products and is separate from your display name. Your Niantic Username is currently defaulted to the username you selected when you first logged into Niantic Chat. However, we recognize that some of you may want to change your usernames moving forward now that Niantic Chat is available in multiple games (and more soon!), so we are offering Ingress Closed Beta players the opportunity for a one-time username change via the form above. 

If you are unable to decide on a username before the end of this window, there will be other opportunities in the near future, but this will be the surest way to lock in your desired username before we start extending username reservations to the broader playerbase.

And as always, we love hearing from you! We are resuming the next round of user studies, so if you’d like to provide feedback directly, please fill out this survey with your availability for a Zoom chat:



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