Submitted a nomination

Submitted a nomination

. The message that she has arrived and will go to the vote has arrived. The application itself was in the list of profile nominations . But she disappeared somewhere. Within 3 days, she did not appear. Am I the only one with such a problem?

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  • If a nomination disappears it is usually because it has been pulled from the main pool for Niantic to review. It should return to your queue with a decision. If it gets rejected there will be no reason just a full stop.

    if it gets accepted and even if more than 20m from a portal it won’t appear.

    If a pokestop appears then give a like on the photo and within 6-30 hours it should appear in ingress.

  • @susie9 you should be able to check the status of a submitted Portal (for example, Accepted, In Voting, etc.) on Niantic Wayfarer here:

    For additional questions about Niantic Wayfarer, please visit the Wayfarer Forums here:

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