Need a faster way to lvl up ( feedback

There seriously need a way to level up faster for lower levels especially when there is no one to play with or if you just want to play solo

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  • PhantomR1982PhantomR1982 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2021

    Even if there was a faster way to level up outside of events or using Apex or even purchasing them from the shop etc.. personally in my eyes its takes away the appeal of learning how ingress works and what you can do differently with it compared to other niantic games.

    Theres loads of stuff up for grabs when you know how to access them.

    But the way i read your initial message was "hi im a cheater and i dont want to play the game i just want to mess with the portals/pokestops so how can i do this faster without putting any effort or time into this game"

    Sorry if your not a cheater,but a lot of agents still have long memories of things like this that we work towards fixing to make the game more enjoyable and feature packed.

    And a lot of us actually put the time and effort in by walking/travelling all over just to level up and have a sense of accomplishment that comes with owning these glorious badges while also giving our time to create quality portal locations and so on for the other games.

    As mentioned above the level up system with Apex is okay the way it is from what i've read about it and to be honest i wish Apex Didnt exist for lower level agents but more for higher level challenger where its tougher to level up or even for recursions as an added restart bonus.

    Plus as this is not a bug and is by design then you should have posted this in the "Ingress App Feedback" section or "General" so really this post can be closed and marked as "not a bug -as intended" by @NianticVK Or @NianticBrian

  • Go out and play, enjoy the game and take time leveling up until you know the game and then you will level up and make AP faster.


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