Boost charge broken since 2.79

Starting from 2.79, boost charge button sometimes charges only one resonator. On the next click, all resonators are charged as excepted. It happens randomly, I found no specific pattern to force / reproduce this bug, but it happens quite often to be noticeable and annoying. It may happen anywhere anytime, on both map screen and key management / remote charge screen.

It was broken in 2.79 and all versions up to current 2.81 are still affected. The problem was immediately noticed by other users in "Release notes" thread for 2.79 (both on Android and iOS) but nothing was fixed in 2.80 and 2.81. Until 2.79, it worked as expected.

Writing this as a separate report hoping that it'll get more attention than few posts in "Release notes".

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  • I always hated "Boost Charge" as it always played up and didnt work properly in my gameplay and i then found it much easier by tapping the resonator you want to refill manually then hit "Charge" and keep an eye on it until full then repeat for the other resonators it might be a bit longer to do but it pays off than doing a little bit at a time on each one.

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    Version 2.82 is also affected by this issue. Noticed it this morning, and was able to replicate it several times. Was not consistently able to replicate it though as stated above.

  • Example of the bug.

    A portal view was just opened (this one from key list) for recharge.

    Note that no resonator is selected on the screenshot. But both charge buttons are not labeled "Charge All" and "Boost Charge All", like they should in this case.

    Any attempt to charge will charge single random resonator. This invisible selection is "sticky" - it'll continue to stay selected until resonator (if discharged significantly) is fully charged. After that, game behavior returns to normal and buttons will be labeled "Charge All".

    Was extremely annoying during last event because "trickle charge" is now an easy way to get AP, and erroneous charge of single resonator will ruin effectiveness of the scheme.

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