Portal scanning issue on iPhone 13

Currently portal scanning on iPhone 13 Pro with iOS 15 is very broken. Most of the time you start a scan the video capture is super laggy (1 or 2 fps). The scans will always fail when this happens. About 1 out of 10 scan attempts actually works ok. Restarting the device or app makes no difference.

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  • @pocketscience are you seeing this on Ingress 2.81.2? We updated the version of Lightship ARDK we're running in the latest release (the .2 update).

  • I have iPhone 13 Pro Max with iOS 15.0.2.

    Ingress version is 2.83.1.

    However, sometimes the portal scanning become laggy on my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

    Perticular, continuous scanning sometimes become super laggy during just-in-time uploading of previous scanned data on the background.

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    I have an iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 15.1, the Ingress Prime version is 2.84.1. This issue also happen in my phone since I updated to iOS 15. I have to close the scanning window several times to get make a correct scan, the other times is very laggy. Seems like a bug with the camera drivers. Please investigate it.

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