Sojourner badge stopped counting without breaking it


My soujourner hacking streak got break without even skipping hack streak and not counting anymore. How is that even possible? I had around 138 days yesterday and it's gone today. But weekly hacking streak is still there (7 now, 6 yesterday) Please look into my matter.

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  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    epoch and sojourner works differently, it must have been more then 24 hours between your last hack thats why sojourner reset. epoch u only need hack each new day and u can only lose current week streak vs sojourner u start from the start.. so is always best to hack morning and evening daily atleast for the streak to not reset.

  • Sojourner is a hack at least once every 24 hours

    epoch is a hack once during the day

    eg: I hack at 00.01 (AM) on Monday then don't hack again until 23.59 (PM) on Tuesday

    My epoch streak is still updated, as I hacked on both Monday and Tuesday, but more than 24 hours passed between the hacks, so sojourner is reset.

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