Infopost - syncing missing Ingress Portals

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I already posted this in the big bur report but since it is full of posts, I would like to make a separate post:

Missing Ingress Portals can get synced by liking the photo in PGO!

I (and many others) tried that the last few days and it really seems to work. If you know about some of your own nominations, or others nominations that are not visible in Ingress but are in PGO, try giving the photo a 👍️ and wait for one or two days. This seems to force a sync to Ingress and your Portal will appear.

It worked well for me, a missing Portal appeared when I started Ingress yesterday.,10.182491&z=17&pll=53.495496,10.182491

Feel free to try. Please note that this is (I) not an official bug fix and (II) only workers when the missing Portal exists in PGO.

In case you don't have a PGO account with level 38 or higher, try asking in the local PGO community or the wayfarer forum:

Happy to hear how it went for you!


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